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I also prayed that I would be ready for him when I met him. That I would be the woman God created me to be, and that I would bring out the best version of the man He created me to be with. During my intentional season of singleness, I was more motivated than ever to pray for my future husband. I prayed that the Lord would protect him from temptation and attack. I asked God to bless him with good friends and an encouraging family, to make him wise and strong, and to bless the work of his hands. I prayed that he would be a warrior poet. Those prayers alone have increased my faith tremendously, because the Lord gave me abundantly more than I could ever have asked for or imagined in a husband.

Singleness matures your faith — I grew more than I ever have in my relationship with the Lord during that season of singleness. God pressed so many things on my heart during that season that required me to change. I truly believe those changes were preparing me for Jeremy.

Seasons of Singleness - Kindred Grace

He taught me how to depend on Him in all things, He let me experience trials and sufferings, and presented me with opportunities to become a servant. I think my first year of marriage would have been really really rough without going through those experiences when I was single. Singleness allows you to be undividedly devoted to the Lord — The time you spend waiting and seeking God before meeting your spouse is more valuable than you realize.

When you get married, your devotion is divided. Your focus cannot be on the Lord alone, because the Lord desires us to prioritize our spouses, and love and respect them. Easier said than done…. But before you are married, you can be undividedly devoted to the Lord. If he presses on your heart to do something, you can do it without consulting another person.

That is both liberating and exciting! Embrace it. Singleness prepares you for oneness — Becoming one with another human is what the wedding day symbolizes. It is what marriage is all about.

Trusting God In Your Season of Singleness

But becoming one with someone else, is something that our flesh fights. We are innately selfish. Seeking our own desires and pursuits. We have preconceived notions for the way things should go and be. Marriage shakes all that up. It requires both parties to be willing to change. Singleness also requires you to be willing to change, which prepares you for oneness.

Are you single and searching? I would encourage you to stop searching for Mr. Right, and start seeking the Lord. Singleness allows you to be more concerned with becoming the right woman, than finding the right mane. Maybe you need to commit to a season of singles? If you are in college and currently single, just out of a relationship, or casually dating, I highly recommend it!

Listen to your favorite books on your phone with Audible!! Click below to sign up for your FREE 30 day trial! This is a perfect blog for my daughter to read and to re-read. I need to place this in her bible so she has it with her all the time when. When she needs reassurance that it is alright to be single and to wait because God has someone for her. Thank you so much for writing this! And not to mention you have a talent with the written word!

I totally agree with you that you should be more concerned with becoming the right woman than finding the right man. I have accepted the situation, me being single, but its not a situation that I choose or want to be in. To really commit to singleness is actually a lot more than just accepting the way it is. It kinda changes the way I look at it. I may not have choosen to be single, but I can commit to this time en grow so much more and become the right woman. Thanks for sharing you thoughts! Great thoughts Audrey! I wish I could have this a couple years ago.

I also went through a season of singleness while in university and looking back I really appreciate this time. I did grow in my faith and was able to develop my friendships and use my free time to go to events and meet new people. Every season of life has elements to cherish. Audrey, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Those are the words I needed to read since a long time. What a wonderful read! Love reading your blogs and seeing you and Jeremy embrace the Lord in every step of your lives!

Here we are 8 years later in a marriage that God made and I am so blessed that He brought us together as husband and wife again, but with Him as the center of our relationship.

Thank you, for your blog and wonderful words. Thank you so much for writing this, it came into my life at the perfect moment. He used me for almost 8 years and it was a bad cycle, but I was terrified of letting go and being alone. Last month I made the decision to move on with my life…. I agree completely as a 21 year old female in my 3rd year of college at California Baptist University I am trying to understand myself before I begin to date. I want to pray to God, Listen to my mentor, and improve in school for a good semester so I can learn about myself, before I learn someone else. I ask that you continue to write AujPoj blogs for your advice is appreciated!

Hey Audrey … i just wanna say that your blogs and posts really encourage me!!!! I am 14 and am also a Christian…. Reading these blogs just make me wanna live a better life. I really like what you said. My heart is really transformed by God in this season. It needs me to persevere. And looking for to be that right woman! Your testimony encourages me! Be blessed! Wow, thank you so much for this.

I am trying to hold back tears cause this spoke to my heart to greatly. What a blessing your testimony is. I totally agree with you that a season of singleness is so great to experience as a woman. I moved to Chicago for a summer after a break up and it was one of the best times in my life because I grew so much on my own and discovered my power on my own.

Standing alone builds a version of yourself that can stand together with your husband when the time is right. Great post, Audrey! I just turned 26 but was in a relationship that ended a year ago. I have been in relationships before and dated here and there and I think as I grow older I am becoming much more aware of what I need to prioritize in my life…number 1 being the Lord. My head was a mess towards the end of that relationship and I am still trying to find my old self.

I totally agree with you that society makes singleness out to be a disease. I also think society does not allow us single people to feel that we are already whole, and the only way to be whole is to be in a relationship. I needed to read this and bless you girl! Thank you for this sweet post. Thank you for your listening, your devotion to Truth, and your desire to help others grow in grace.

Transform. Empower. Send.

This is my favourite aujpoj blog post. This post never fails to encourage me and remind me of the importance of putting myself first during my single life. All of the love, thanks Audrey! I am exactly in this spot right now and I am finding so much of what you experienced to be absolutely true! For so long this approaching single season was something I dreaded.

You Should Be Happy To Be Living In This Season Of Singleness

I would view every letdown and breakup as protection from The Lord and preparation for things yet to come. Thank you so much, Audrey, for this post! You and I, I am convinced, would be great friends. I love this post! Thank you so much for showing me that it is okay to be single! I have one more year of college and I am going to enjoy it with my friends and family. Thank you for giving me the courage and reassurance that being single, is okay! Loved reading this. It hit me very deeply. I am ready to commit to a season of singleness to see what the Lord has to teach me.

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Thank you for offering a refreshing take on this and so many other things! Thank you so much for writing about your season of singleness! I have been out of college for two years and single throughout that entire time. You are a great writer because I definitely would not have been able to put into words singleness the way you did!

The Single Wives Club

I love your thoughts on marriage, faith and becoming the right woman. Your words are so true and truly inspired by the Lord! Thank you for sharing your journey! I needed to hear and read this and let it minister to my heart! This is totally where I am at right now. I am single again after a divorce and then a wrong relationship.

God has me focusing on him. I want to be the woman God wants me to be for my new husband that he has promised me. Thanks for this. This post really spoke to my heart tonight. Thank you, Audrey. I go to a small, private Christian school and I always have, for eleven years now! Being surrounded by the same twenty people your entire childhood can be both a good thing and a bad thing.

Thank you for your honesting. Cherish and hold onto that! God has protected and is preparing you for the right man, keep focusing on becoming the right woman! And yes, it is perfectly OK! You nailed it. Love to you pretty girl! Fight against this with Jesus-like humility Philippians Become a servant of the people around you yes, even your slob roommates!

Treat them as if they were actually more important than you. But being humble also means fighting against lust. Pride drives us to scan a room and see who might be interested in us or whom we feel confident we could date. Fight against this by viewing people with dignity, value, and respect. One of the best things you can do is getting into a regular rhythm of cleaning your crib, having good friends over, and making delicious food. Learning to be hospitable will help prepare you to be a better spouse. It will help you learn how to create a welcoming environment, cook good food, do the dishes, and enjoy the company of those you love besides, gentlemen, every lady appreciates a guy who can cook good food and then do the dishes!

Since marriage is one long act of continued hospitality towards your spouse, practicing hospitality as a single person is one of the best ways you can maximize your singleness. At Frontline we want to work to build a church membership that is more than a list of names, but that is an active covenant community built on Gospel commitment to one another.

Frontline is a church for the city. One of the ways we are called to be like Jesus is to move toward and care for the marginalized. The Roundtable Sessions are conversations between our pastors and leaders in our church and city on the topics of: Anxiety, Care for the Poor, Integrity in the Workplace, and Sexual Ethics. Back to Blog. Learn Contentment Most people live in a state of discontentment with their lives.

Live In Community One of the most difficult things about being single is the seemingly inescapable feeling of loneliness that often crops up out of nowhere. Be Humble One of the traps of singleness is the oh-so-easy tendency to think more highly of yourself than you should.

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