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2. America North, South & Central

London: Methuen, [] Meal ticket holder for post-WWII ration tickets. Pictorial cloth. San Francisco: Paul Elder, Lovely typography illustrates all Boston: Silver, Burdett, With a WWI Victory Pictorial wrappers. NY: "21" Brands, Inc. This book's small With 4-page typed instructional booklet titled "Healthful Beverage-Wines from Nature" issued Profusely illus. Red cloth, gilt-lettered spines, slipcase. First Trade Edition. NY: Crown Publishers, Pictorial tan cloth. Pictorial stiff wrappers. Second Edition. NY: Meredith Press, Toots Shor was, as this Brochure, 7x5.

Greensboro, NC: Potpourri Press, Illustrated with numerous woodcuts by John Held, Jr. Musical arrangement "for any degree of sobriety" Denver: Sage Books, Cloth-backed boards. Together in original printed box, paper cover label. Sold Out Free. Photographic frontis. Boston: Little, Brown, Typical candies of the American candy heyday Green cloth elegantly lettered in white. London: Maclaren Portfolio size with metal screw hinges at tops. Mimeographed long sheets. Gilt-stamped dec. First Edition First Edition, Review Copy. NY: William Morrow, Review copy with review label mounted Sixth Thousand.

Cornelius lived A charming volume filled with eggs recipes such London: Collins, c. This is actually the third edition cf. Philadelphia: Printed for Mathew Carey, No. Useful receipts in modern cookery. Albany: Printed in the year M. Also the making of English wines. To which is added an appendix, containing several new receipts adapted to the American mode of cooking. New-York: Printed and sold by G. Waite, No.

The hasty-pudding. Middlebury, Vt. The art of cookery made plain and easy; excelling any thing of the kind ever yet published. How to roast and boil to perfection every thing necessary to be sent up to table. To dress fish. Made dishes. Soups and broths. Variety of dishes for Lent, which may be made use of any other time. Making cakes. Also, the order of a bill of fare for each month, in the manner the dishes are to be placed upon the table, in the present taste. By Mrs. A new edition, with modern improve- ments. Alexandria: Printed by Cottom and Stewart, and sold at their bookstores in Alexandria and Fredericksburg.

The first English edition was published in Glasse was the most popular writer on cookery in the eighteenth century. New American cookery, or female companion. Also, the making of wines and cheese. Peculiarly adapted to the American mode of cooking. By an American lady. Smith, 70 Vesey-street. Forman, print. New York: Published by T. Jansen, , Broadway, A.

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Forman, printer. The result of many years experi- ence with the celebrated Negri and Witten. By Frederic Nutt, Esq. Fourth edition, with considerable additions. Hanover, N. Printed by Moses Davis. A new system of domestic cookery, formed upon principles of economy, and adapted to the use of private families. By a lady. Maria Eliza Ketelby Rundell. Philadelphia, and E. Morford, Charleston, S. On reverse of title: S. Etheridge, printer, Charlestown. This is the first American edition.

The 3d English edition was published in By , 65 editions had been published in England. Second edition. Sold by them and O. Clark, Port- land; H. Brad- ford, and C. Boston: Published and for sale by Oliver C. Greenleaf, No. Philadelphia: Published by Benjamin C. Busby, No. The first Philadelphia edition. The paging of the last 16 pages is misprinted. Richmond: Published and for sale at the bookstore of Jacob Johnson. By an American orphan. Troy, N. The New-England cookery, or the art of dressing all kinds of flesh, fish, and vegetables, and the best modes of making pastes, puffs, pies, tarts, puddings, custards and preserves, and all kinds of cakes, from the imperial plumb to plain cake.

Par- ticularly adapted to this part of our country. Compiled by Lucy Emerson. Proprietor of the work. The title of this work is copied from "American Cookery," and much of the text is a verbatim copy of the Troy edition of of that work. See the preceding. A new system of domestic cookery. Second Philadelphia edition. Buzby, No. Third edition. Sherriff, Exeter.

With directions how to conduct and improve the practical part of distilling in all its branches. And sundry extracts of approved receipts for making cider, domestic wines, and beer.

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Published at Harrisburgh, Penn. Copyrighted Pages have directions for family use. Selected from the best authors. And adapted to the situation of the United States. Hae tibi erunt artes! The hasty pudding. A poem in three cantos, written in Chambery, in Savoy, Jan. Power at Poughkeepsie. Bouvier, printer. Galateo; or a treatise on politeness and delicacy of manners: from the Italian of Monsig.

Giovanni de la Casa, Arch Bishop of Benevento. Also, the honours of the table. With the whole art of carving; illustrated with a variety of cuts. Baltimore: Printed for George Hill. Edes, printer. Caption title, followed by eight opening lines of Canto I. The two engravings are by Amos Doolittle.

Internal evidence and the following advertisement from the Connecticut Journal of July 25, August 1, and 8, , seem to indicate that this and the following title were published at New Haven in , the publisher, for some reason, not wishing to assume the responsibility: "Hasty-pudding, with Plates, Bowls and Spoons, now ready for supping at the Bookstores, and at the Post-Office There are who strive to stamp with disrepute This luscious food, because it feeds the brute.

Note the use of the word "plates. A variation of the preceding. The engravings are by Doolittle. A poem in three cantos. Written in Champerry in Savoy, By Joel Barlow, Esq. Late consul for the United States in the regency of Algiers, and now consul to the court of St. Printed for the purchaser. The honours of the table, or, rules for behaviour during meals; with the whole art of carving, illustrated with a variety of cuts. Together with directions for going to market. Bound up with "Galateo; or a treatise on politeness and delicacy of manners," of which it is a continuation.

Walpole, N. The art of cookery made plain and easy. Alexandria: Printed by Cottom and Stewart. The art of preserving all kinds of animal and vegetable sub- stances for several years. A work pub- lished by order of the French minister of the interior, on the report of the board of arts and manufactures.

Translated from the French. From the second London edition of New York: Published by D. Longworth, Shakspeare Gallery. First published at Paris, Hall's distiller, containing 1. Full and particular directions for mashing and distilling all kinds of grain, and imitating Holland gin and Irish whiskey. Notice of the different kinds 22 American Cookery Booths of stills in use in the United States, and of the Scotch stills which may be run off times in 24 hours.

A treatise on fermenta- tion, containing the latest discoveries on the subject. Directions for making yeast, and preserving it sweet for any length of time. The Rev. Adapted to the use of farmers, as well as distillers. Philadelphia: Printed by John Bioren, No. Brattleborough, Vt. A new system of domestic cookery, formed upon principles of economy: and adapted to the use of private families through- out the United States. Arden, No. John Forbes, printer.

Copyrighted Feb. The first New York edition and the first to be copyrighted. The universal receipt book, or, complete family directory; being a repository of useful knowledge in the several branches of domestic economy; containing scarce, curious, and valuable re- ceipts, and choice secrets. By a society of gentlemen in New York. New York: Published by I. Riley, No. Valuable secrets in arts and trades. Containing directions from the best artists, for calico printing. Bleaching of cotton and paper. Engraving and etching on copper. Engraving in aquatinta.

Engraving on wood. With above five hundred valuable modern receipts; forming a great variety of useful articles, collected from the latest Euro- pean publications. By a friend of American manufactures. Boston: Published by J. Norman, chart-seller. House, printer. Cookery on pages 51— Poughkeepsie : Published by Paraclete Potter, P. Potter, printers. Engraving and etching on copper— engraving on aquatinta, and on wood. Forming a great variety of useful articles, collected from the latest Euro- pean publications. Norman, No. Cookery on pages ; brewing on pages See No.

The only copy found lacks pages , Together with the ruling passion. By Robert T. Paine, Jun. Hallowell: Published by Ezekiel Goodale. The cover of the AAS copy is dated Canandaigua: Printed and sold by J. New York: Published by R. Identical with No. The domestic manual: or family directory. Containing re- ceipts in arts, trades and domestic economy; selected from the best authors, and practical artists : and containing many processes, never before published.

New London: Printed by Samuel Green. Contains a few recipes for wines, liquors, etc. Long, print. See Nos. Third [New York] edition. Illustrated with 8 plates. Written purely from practice, and dedicated to the Hon. Lady Elizabeth Warburton, whom the author lately served as housekeeper: consisting of near nine hundred original receipts, most of which never appeared in print. Pickling, potting and collaring, wines, vinegars, catchups, distilling, with two most valuable receipts, one for refin- ing malt liquors, the other for curing acid wines, and a correct list of everything in season for every month in the year.

With two plans of a grand table of two covers; and a curious new invented fire stove, wherein any common fuel may be burnt instead of charcoal. By Elizabeth Raffald. A new edition. Philadelphia: Printed for James Webster. The new family receipt-book. Brown, printer. The universal receipt book; being a compendious repository of practical information in cookery, preserving, pickling, distil- ling, and all the branches of domestic economy. To which is added, some advice to farmers. By Priscilla Homespun.

Second edition with great additions. Philadelphia: Published by Isaac Riley. Maxwell, printer. Most of the recipes of the first edition of are repeated literally, but are differently arranged. Brattleborough : Published by John Holbrook.

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Small 4to. From Anderson sale catalogue, American domestic cookery. Baltimore: Published by Fielding Lucas, Jun. Matchett, printer. Domestic cookery, or the art of dressing viands, fish, poultry and vegetables; and the best modes of making pastes, puffs, pies, tarts, puddings, custards, and preserves, and all kinds of cakes from the imperial plum to plain cake. By Harriet Whiting. Boston: Printed for the author. The family receipt book. Containing eight hundred valuable receipts in various branches of domestic economy; selected from the works of the most approved writers, ancient and modern; and from the attested communications of scientific friends.

Sec- ond American edition. Pittsburgh: Published by Randolph Barnes, Third street. The new family receipt-book, containing eight hundred truly valuable receipts in various branches of domestic economy, se- lected from the works of British and foreign writers, of unques- tionable experience and authority, and from the attested com- munications of scientific friends. Good lessons for thee, and thy wife? Then keep them in memory fast, To help as a comfort to life.

A new edition, cor- rected. The chapter on domestic economy has some cookery.

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This is the same as the preceding title, both taken from an earlier edition see 71a. The husbandman and housewife: a collection of valuable receipes and directions, relating to agriculture and domestic economy. By Thomas G. Boyle has observed, that the excellency of manufactures, and the facility of labour would be much promoted if the various expedients and contrivances, which lie concealed in private hands, were by reciprocal communica- tions made generally known; for there are few operations that are not performed by one or other with some peculiar advantages, which though singly of little importance, would by conjunction and concurrence, open new inlets to knowledge, and give new powers to diligence.

A treatise on adulterations of food, and culinary poisons. Exhibiting the fraudulent sophistications of bread, beer, wine, spirituous liquors, tea, coffee, cream, confectionery, vinegar, mustard, pepper, cheese, olive oil, pickles, and other articles employed in domestic economy, and methods of detecting them. By Frederick Accum, operative chemist, and member of the prin- ciple academies and societies of arts and sciences in Europe.

Philadelphia: Printed and published by Ab'm Small. The domestic encyclopedia; or a diet of facts and useful knowledge. Chiefly applicable to rural and domestic economy. With an appendix containing additions in domestic medicine and the veterinary and culinary arts. The whole illustrated with numerous engravings and cuts. In three volumes. Willich, M. Author of the lectures on diet and regimen. The second American edition, with additions, by Thomas Cooper, Esq. Professor of chemistry and mineralogy. Philadelphia: Printed and published by Abraham Small, No.

The first edition, published , contains no cookery. The hasty-pudding, a poem, in three cantos. Written in Champerry sic in Savoy, Caldwell: William Storer, Tun. Plain directions on domestic economy. Showing particularly what are most nourishing articles of food and drink and best methods of preparation. New York: Samuel Wood and Sons. Marks, printer. Matchett, print. The cook's oracle: containing receipts for plain cookery on the most economical plan for private families: also, the art of composing the most simple, and most highly finished broths, gravies, soups, sauces, store sauces, and flavouring essences: the quantity of each article is accurately stated by weight and meas- ure; the whole being the result of actual experiments instituted in the kitchen of a physician.

Boston: Published by Munroe and Francis, No. First published at London, , under the title of "Apicius redivivus or cook's oracle. American domestic cookery, formed on principles of econ- omy, for the use of private families. By an experienced house- keeper. To which is added the complete family brewer. This is taken from Mrs. Rundell's "A new system of domestic cookery," first published in America in , which it follows almost word for word. See also 'The experienced American housekeeper," New York: The cook's oracle.

Second American, from the last London edition, which is almost entirely re-written. The experienced American housekeeper, or domestic cookery : formed on principles of economy, for the use of private families. With an engraving. Folding plate after page 8. This work is taken from Mrs. Rundell's "A new system of domestic cookery. Cottage economy: containing information relative to the brew- ing of beer, making of bread, keeping of cows, pigs, bees, ewes, goats, poultry, and rabbits, and relative to other matters deemed useful in the conducting of the affairs of a labourer's family; to which are added instructions relative to the selecting, the cutting, and the bleaching of the plants of English grass and grain, for the purpose of making hats and bonnets.

By William Cobbett. First American from the first London edition. Gould, Genesee-street, Utica. A treatise of domestic medicine, intended for families, in which the treatment of common disorders are alphabetically enumerated. To which is added, a practical system of domestic cookery, described the best, most economical and most wholesome methods of dressing victuals; intended for the use of families who do not affect magnificence in their style of living. By Thomas Cooper, M. Also, the art of preserving all kinds of animal and vegetable substances for many years, by M.

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Reading: Published by George Getz. Tall 8vo. The Virginia housewife. Method is the soul of management. Mary Randolph. Preface signed and dated: M. Washington, January, And an easy, certain, and economical process for preparing pickles, by which they will be ready in a fortnight, and remain good for years. The quantity of each article is accurately stated by weight and measure: the whole being the result of actual experiments instituted in the kitchen of a physi- cian.

Dean, printer, 90 William-street. No copyright, aas. The family receipt book, containing thirty valuable and sim- ple receipts for the cure of most of the usual complaints; by a due attention to which, many distressing diseases may be avoided, or greatly mitigated, and with a saving of much expense. Mostly selected from various publications. By a Long-Island farmer. New York. Contains receipts for cooking and pickling.

Five thousand receipts in all the useful and domestic arts, constituting a complete and universal practical library, and operative cyclopaedia. Hobbes of Malmesbury, thought the accumulation of details a hindrance of learning; and used to wish that all the books in the world were embarked in one ship, and that he might be permitted to bore a hole in its bottom.

He was right in one sense; for the disquisitions and treatises with which our libraries are filled, are more often merely the husks and shells of knowledge; but it would be to be wished, that before he were permitted to bore in his hole, some literary analysts should select all the facts, recipes, and prescriptions, useful to man, and condense them into a portable volume. The Virginia house-wife. Second edition, with amendments and additions. Title taken from the cover of the Hallowell edition. The hasty pudding; a poem, in three cantos, written at Cham- rery sic in Savoy, January, , by Joel Barlow Together with, The ruling passion.

Paine, jr. Exeter, N. Brown, [ca. The experienced American housekeeper. Published in Boston. Hartford: Published by Silas Andrus. With full instructions for cleaning plate, brass, steel, glass, mahogany; and likewise all kinds of patent and common lamps: observations on servants' behaviour to their employers; and upwards of various and useful receipts, chiefly compiled for the use of house servants; and identically made to suit the manners and customs of families in the United States.

By Robert Roberts. With friendly advice to cooks and heads of families, and complete directions how to burn Lehigh coal. New York: Charles S. Francis, Broadway. Domestic duties. First American from the third London edition New-York: Printed by J. Harper, 82 Cliff-St. Gilley, and G. Grigg, E. Hunt; Baltimore: F. Lucas, Jr. The French cook. By Louis Eustache Ude, ci-devant cook to Louis xvi.

Philadelphia: Carey, Lea and Carey. The houseservant's directory. Boston: Munroe and Francis, Washington-street. Francis, 25 Broadway. The modern family receipt book, containing, a great variety of valuable receipts, arranged under their respective heads, con- nected with the art of social and domestic life, including many valuable original communications, the result of long experience. Desilver, Walnut street. A new family receipt book. Utica: Printed for the publisher. Seventy-five receipts, for pastry, cakes, and sweetmeats. By a lady of Philadelphia.

Francis, , Broadway. Copyrighted , Jan. The first edition, though the copyright date in the second edition is Mch. The preface in both editions is dated Jan. The Virginia housewife: or methodical cook book. Third edition, enlarged. From Bulletin No. State Library. Illustrating the veritable science of the mouth; which includes the art of never breakfasting at home, and always dining abroad.

By Dick Humel- bergius Secundus. Harper, 82 Cliff-st. Domestic economy. Fragments of time as well as materials. Fragments of time, as well as materials. The experienced housekeeper, or domestic cookery. Hartford: Silas Andrews. Dedicated to those who are not ashamed of economy. By the author of Hobomok. Lydia Maria Francis Child. East- burn, printer. The name of this book was changed in , after seven editions, to "The American frugal housewife," on account of there being an English book of the same name.

New American from the latest London edition. With numerous and important additions generally; and the medical part carefully revised and adapted to the climate of the U. States; and also a new and most copious index. By an American physician. Philadelphia: J. From her loving husband. Feb 12 Philadelphia: J. Thomas Huey, As well as advertising throughout. All pages present. Some tears.

Blind stamped cloth cover with gilt stamped National Life Insurance Co. Title faded and worn on spine. Ludwig Flentje. Philadelphia: von M. Dahlem, Flentje also wrote books on Wine. Sara T. Philadelphia: Porter and Coates, Thomas Hawkes Tanner. All sorts of recipes. Definition, diagnosis, detection! Emma Ewing. Professor H. Pittsburgh, JOHN G. Chicago: F. Tennyson Neeley, A distinctive cookbook of white polished fine cloth with a printed flower motif, an Arts and Crafts era inspired font.

Scuffed and stained cover with a tight binding, 2 full page handwritten recipes and a gift inscription to Dear Grandmama… dated Lyman Abbott, L.


Betts, Elizabeth Bisland, H. Candee, John M. Gerhard, Constance Cary Harrison, P. Hubert, Jr. Humphreys, M. Jones, E. Mc Glasson, Samuel Parsons, Jr. West Roosevelt, W. Stoddard, Kate Douglas Wiggin. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, Ysaguirre and La Marca. Minneapolis: Buckeye Publishing Company, Jenkins the previous owner. It began life as a charity cookbook when, in , the women of the First Congregational Church in Marysville, Ohio, published a cookbook to raise money to build a parsonage.

From Minneapolis, Mrs. Wilcox edited the contributions of the Marysville women and wrote the introductory essays to each section. The book was published in Minneapolis and the ladies of Marysville accomplished their goal by raising two thousand dollars for the parsonage. The Wilcoxes, who recognized the ongoing potential of the book, bought its copyright and established themselves as the Buckeye Publishing Company. Thus began a long and varied publishing saga. Estelle Wilcox continued editing, revising and publishing the book for the next twenty-eight years.

The book was sometime published as the Dixie Cook Book, to reach a southern audience. It was published in German to reach the largest ethnic group in the Upper Midwest. Paul as well as many in Minneapolis. At least thirty different printings have been recorded. As early as , the title page indicated "Eightieth Thousand. All in all, this is one of America's most popular cookbooks - and it is an American classic. East St.

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  5. Louis: John Haps printer, Toned paper. The Ladies of the First Universalist Society. Haverhill, Franklin P. Stiles, Brown With the small mimeographed errata sheet. Philadelphia: The National Baptist, The Ladies of the M. Boston: E. Barfield, ed. Evansville, Published by the Working Girls' Association. In worn, used condition, pages are stained. That being said, the binding is tight.

    It was a charitable association providing shelter and security for them. In Brown, Jersey City, Nov. Shishmaref Day School. Alaska, A very famous little charitable cookbook, published for the Alaska Crippled Children's Association of Anchorage, Alaska. A mere 36 pages but so exacting of the culture of the native peoples.

    Local flora and their descriptions, meats and birds with their Eskimo recipes. A treasure. Paper wraps, typewriter layout, recipes are contributed by the schoolchildren with their names signed. Charles A. Oogashik, Julia Lovejoy Cuniberti. Washington D. A charitable cookbook to aid the orphan boys of Italy in Citta' di Castello, Collestrada and in Rome. Included is the original insert accompanying the cookbook, which is 32 pages, green wraps with front cover paste-on, rag paper.

    Still very foreign. A scarce title and a very early Italian cooking title in America.