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You can make the exercise easier by using the weight of the kettlebell to help pull you up. Learn more : 7 best kettlebell ab exercises. You will need excellent hip mobility to enable you to get your hips underneath you on the way up from the bottom position. Muscles used: Shoulders, Back, Core, Glutes, Quads, Hamstrings Summary: Great for challenging your balance but more importantly your core strength as you clean the kettlebell standing on only one leg.

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Learn more : Top 5 single leg kettlebell exercises you need to know. Once mastered it targets practically every muscle including your heart. Muscles used: Core and Abs Summary: A core intensive kettlebell exercise that will help to mobilise the upper back and thoracic spine at the same time. Perform slowly with control. Muscles used: Shoulders, Back, Core, Glutes, Quads, Hamstrings Summary: Very advanced kettlebell exercise that takes the swing to a new rotational level. Be super careful of your front knee as the kettlebell comes across your body. Hi Greg, thank you for your great advice.

Just did my first set of clean and press today after watching your video. Love working out in my living room. My KB workouts only last 10 — 15 minutes not including warm up and cool down. Does that seem long enough? I use a 16kg weight. Couple of questions: 1 Should I aim to move up to a 20kg weight?

Do you think it is important to eat extra protein on top of that? Sounds like you have started off well Marc, the more intense your workout the less time you will be able to exercise so 10 — 20 minutes is about the right intensity. Stick with the 16kg until everything becomes easier, increasing the weight will not necessarily mean more results it usually means more potential for injury. This is a really amazing resource, thanks so much for sharing!

14 Beginner Kettlebell Exercises That Work Your Entire Body

I prefer doing KB swing and holding the Kb and short jumping on the same spot to work on my overall body. Kindly reply. For fat loss of those particular areas I recommend cleaning up your diet, especially reducing sugar and all foods made from flour. If you drink alcohol that will also add fat quickly. Working on sets of 10 kettlebell swings followed by 20 — 30 seconds of rest will also help increase your metabolism. It has provided me with good results as I have lost around 40 pounds since then. I have some questions: what is the best way to integrate rowing workouts with kettle bell workouts?

Kettlebell Swing - An exercise that works the hips, glutes, hamstrings and shoulders

Is better to do both short workouts on the same day and if so, which one do I do first? Hello Lou, yes adding variety to your workouts is always a more natural and beneficial way to progress. You have 2 choices: exercise on the same day, kettlebells first and a gentle row afterwards or exercise on different days, take days off each week. I would be interested in your thoughts about what exercises would be most useful to improve posture, particularly for people who sit and stare at a computer screen all day. Ultimately, desk work causes the back muscles to lengthen and weaken and the chest muscles to shorten and tighten.

Good thoracic mobility is also needed by most people.


Hi Anna, Many kettlebell exercises work into the obliques including the all important: one handed kettlebell swing. Thank you for all those wonderful demo tutorials, very useful. My question is about programming these exercises. May you give me some different types of KB workouts you may use for the more advanced.

Thanks Natalie, have you seen these 25 kettlebell workouts they may help you. Having all these exercises in one location and the great demo videos will be great for when my kettleball arrives. Great variety of exercises using the kettlebell. The videos are simple and easy to follow. I plan on using many of these in my KB class. Will you ever realize a video with paired kettlebell one each hand exercises? Thank you! Hi, Greg, I noticed that you are performing your exercises with your right hand, presumably because you are right-handed.

Or is doing them right-handed only sufficient? Thank you kindly. Hi Dorothy, Yes definitely perform them on both sides. One little trick is to always use your weakest side first and then match it on the other side that way your strength always stays balanced. Just wanted to say thank you for this amazing list of exercises, with videos!

They really helped me seeing how the exercises should be done and helpes me build my own workouts. Greg, few months ago I started the Turkish get up thanks to your excellent tips and recommendations. Now I feel strong and flexible enough for starting some new games listed above. Keep staying positive, smiling and being such great model. We then follow the path and sharing your precious golden knowledges. Have an excellent weekend Greg!!! Hi Greg I have decided to change my traditional workout to kettlebell I did not see any exercises that include pecks , are pecks considered part of the core or am I missing something I look forward to you response.

Hi Jesse, the whole ethos of my training using kettlebells is that they are full body movements and so you are not targeting one particular muscle group but rather movement patterns. If you really want to target your chest then Push Ups are the way to go. I just wondered what is the weight of the kettlebell you are using on the videos? Yes Michal it always varies depending on the individual and the exercise. I think I was demonstrating the kettlebell exercises with a 16kg. I teach kettlebells and picked up some really cool exercises to add to my classes that I know they will love and hate in a good way!

The kettlebell arm bar will be great for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu conditioning too. Thanks for sharing these! Take a look at this article Irma, it has a video of the Yoga Squat. All the best. Watching you effortlessly perform some of the more challenging movements, like pistol or deck squats, is so inspiring, Greg, and testament to the fact that bona fide strength and fitness does not need to be burdened by useless muscle bulk.

I have been teaching kettlebell for a few years now and I still picked up some new moves from here. Very much appreciated. Greg, This is invaluable information , thank you for all your hard work , You have helped me so much this past year. Do you just mean a Push Up with one or both hands on a kettlebell? Is there any particular reason why you want to perform this exercise?

It was confusing to me. In the US, we would call it a push up. Thanks for these videos! I am pretty new to kettlebells and these will be very helpful. I also love the workout generator.

The 6 Best Kettlebell Exercises You Need To Do

Your email address will not be published. Friend's Email Address. Your Name. Your Email Address. Send Email. Skip to primary navigation Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar 52 Kettlebell Exercises There are lots of different kettlebell exercises that you can perform, some are more challenging than others.

Watch all 52 Kettlebell Exercise Videos below: Kettlebell Exercises List Here is a list of Kettle bell Exercises starting with the fundamental and most important at the top. Learn more : Why I Love the Kettlebell Slingshot 2 Kettlebell Halo Muscles used: Shoulders Summary: Warm up your shoulder girdle, improve your shoulder mobility and strengthen your shoulders with this exercise. Discover more : Kettlebell halo exercise for the shoulders 3 Kettlebell Good Morning Muscles used: Glutes, Hamstrings Summary: Loosen up and strengthen your hamstrings with this kettlebell exercise.

Learn more : 7 best kettlebell glutes exercises 5 Kettlebell Single Leg Deadlift Muscles used: Back, Core, Glutes, Quads, Hamstrings Summary: A tricky exercise that will help to balance out the left and right side of your body. Learn more : 16 Kettlebell Lunge Variations 14 Kettlebell Regular Row Muscles used: Shoulders, Biceps, Back, Core, Glutes, Quads, Hamstrings Summary: Works into the back of the upper body and is also challenging for the core muscles due to the rotational forces caused by the kettlebell.

Discover more : 6 kettlebell row variations for a strong back 16 Kettlebell Windmill Muscles used: Shoulders, Core, Glutes, Hamstrings Summary: Improve your shoulder and hip mobility with this kettlebell exercise. Master the kettlebell windmill with these 4 progressions 17 Kettlebell Overhead Warm Up Muscles used: Shoulders, Core, Glutes, Quads, Hamstrings Summary: Great way to improve your shoulder stability before you begin overhead pressing exercises.

Learn more : Stop banging your wrists and master the kettlebell clean 19 Kettlebell Bottoms Up Clean Muscles used: Shoulders, Back, Core, Glutes, Quads, Hamstrings Summary: Improve your Clean technique and strengthen your wrists and core muscles with this exercise variation. Learn more : 7 ways to progress your workouts without adding more weight 24 Kettlebell Double Lunge Muscles used: Core, Glutes, Quads, Hamstrings Summary: Tough version of the lunge that really overloads the movement pattern.

Learn more : 14 best kettlebell exercises for arms 26 Kettlebell Half Kneeling Press Muscles used: Shoulders, Triceps, Core, Glutes Summary: Challenge your core and Glute activation by pressing a kettlebell overhead while in the half kneeling position. Learn more : 10 best kettlebell shoulder exercises 27 Kettlebell Overhead Press Muscles used: Shoulders, Triceps, Core Summary: Brilliant kettlebell exercise for developing brute strength in the shoulder muscles. Discover more : Complete guide to the kettlebell overhead press 28 Kettlebell Push Press Muscles used: Shoulders, Triceps, Core Summary: Help get the kettlebell out of the most difficult pressing position by using a push press.

Learn more : 3 push pull workouts for the upper body 29 Kettlebell Clean and Press Muscles used: Shoulders, Triceps, Back, Core, Glutes, Quads, Hamstrings Summary: Putting two of the big exercises together you achieve a movement that takes the kettlebell from the floor to the top of the press.

Discover more: Master the kettlebell clean and press 30 Kettlebell Clean and Push Press Muscles used: Shoulders, Triceps, Back, Core, Glutes, Quads, Hamstrings Summary: If you struggle with the overhead press then you can make it slightly easier by adding a push into the movement to take the kettlebell out of the sticking point.

Discover more : Master the kettlebell thruster the ultimate full body exercise 33 Kettlebell Static Lunge and Press Muscles used: Shoulders, Triceps, Core, Glutes, Quads, Hamstrings Summary: During this kettlebell exercise your feet never move but you do overload the one side of your body.

Discover more : 3 kettlebell ladder workouts for strength, muscle and fat loss 35 Kettlebell Clean, Squat and Press Muscles used: Shoulders, Triceps, Back, Core, Glutes, Quads, Hamstrings Summary: Tough combination of moves that uses a double hip bend making the movement very demanding. Discover more : Top 7 floor based kettlebell core exercises 39 Kettlebell Snatch Muscles used: Shoulders, Back, Core, Glutes, Quads, Hamstrings Summary: Take the swing to a whole new level as your drive the kettlebell overhead using almost every muscle in your body.

Learn more : Master the renegade row with these 5 progressions 41 Kettlebell Side Stepping Swing Muscles used: Back, Core, Glutes, Quads, Hamstrings Summary: Start moving your feet as you swing to add another dimension to this classic kettlebell exercise.

52 Kettlebell Exercises with Videos (No.7 is the ultimate fat burner)

Discover more : 7 kettlebell swing mistakes that will cause back pain 42 Kettlebell Bottoms Up Press Muscles used: Shoulders, Triceps, Core Summary: Great core and grip strength as well as body alignment is needed to press the kettlebell overhead while in the upside down position.

Learn more : 7 advanced kettlebell exercises that every superstar should use 43 Kettlebell Farmers Carry Muscles used: Shoulders, Obliques and core, Latissimus Dorsi, Trapezius, Forearms Summary: A very practical kettlebell exercise that works hard into the core muscles as the body tries to maintain upright alignment. Learn more : Master the kettlebell pistol squat with these 5 progressions 45 Kettlebell Tactical Lunge Muscles used: Shoulders, Core, Glutes, Quads, Hamstrings Summary: Challenge the lunge movement pattern by passing the kettlebell between your legs during each step.

Have you tried any of these exercises? Let me know in the comments below…. Comments Fabulous instruction. Thank you. Impressive pistol squat too! Hello Hussain, For fat loss of those particular areas I recommend cleaning up your diet, especially reducing sugar and all foods made from flour. Or do I do kettlebells one day and rowing the next? Thanks, Lou. Best of luck. Hi Greg, Thank you for all those wonderful demo tutorials, very useful.

Thank you for sharing Greg. Drive your hips, keep your back flat swing the weight up to shoulder height. Return to the start position and repeat without losing momentum. Initiated by a powerful hip thrust from your hamstring and glutes, opting for heavier weights once the move is mastered, of course for up to 90 seconds a set will vastly improve your anaerobic fitness, accelerating your heart-rate and ignite a fat-burn that the bench press can only dream of.

Hold two kettlebells by their handles so the weight is resting on the back of your shoulders. Slightly bend your knees and squat down, keeping your legs in line with your shoulders. Drive through your legs and straighten them, extending your arms as you do to raise the kettlebells above your head. As one of the most criminally under-rated full-body moves, the punishingly effective thruster offers a full-body blitz that other moves can't even get near.

A move reserved for CrossFit zealots, this is not. Instead, by combining a front squat with an overhead press, you're transforming a drab move into a compound, multi-joint exercise that demands full-body power.

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Stand holding two kettlebells by your thighs, knees slightly bent and legs shoulder-width apart. In one swift movement, slightly jump off the ground and raise your arms to extend above your head. Land softly on your feet with your knees bent as though you're doing a squat and extend your arms straight above you shoulder-width apart.

Powerlifting moves needn't be restricted to barbells bending under crippling weight loads. Instead, the kettlebell clean and press offers the opportunity to increase grip strength, become stronger in overhead movements your shoulder press will thank you and will help you learn the lesson of maintaining a rigid core during all lifts. Holding a kettlebell in one hand between your legs, squat down until your thighs are parallel to the floor.

Drive upwards through your hips and knees and as the kettlebell rises to shoulder height, rotate your hand and push it upwards until your arm is locked out. Squat down and return the weight to the start position. Repeat with one arm, then swap sides. Plus, the researchers found that participants performing the kettlebell snatch usually maintained 86 to 99 per cent of their maximum heart rate, making it an essential move for easy weightloss. Drive through the heel and bring yourself back up to standing position, without letting your leg touch the floor.

Functional and an easy gym brag, the kettlebell pistol squat is the king of mobility moves. Ideal for oiling the stiff joints of desk-jockeys and gym bros, it'll also set your Instagram feed ablaze. Helping you master the holy trinity of fitness — stability, strength and mobility — it'll challenge your core there's more to a six-pack than crunches and planks, after all and will build sportive-worthy quads while increasing balance. Stand with your legs slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, clasping a kettlebell in each hand in front of your chest with palms facing each other.

Bend your knees and lower yourself into a squat, keeping the kettlebells in the same position and ensuring you don't round your back by tensing your glutes throughout. As one of the royal compound moves alongside the deadlift and the bench press , the kettlebell goblet squat builds huge lower-body strength and more powerful glutes that can be transferred to your deadlifts and your running technique. Ideal for building grip and plugging onto the end of a tough workout, farmer's walks also pack heavy-duty muscle onto your upper-back while fighting lower-back pain and being a useful conditioning tool and fat-loss.

There's nothing a kettlebell farmer's walk can't do. Complete six total reps for one set, hitting five sets for the flow, resting 60 seconds between sets. Complete five total reps of the flow for one set, and 10 sets for the workout. Take 30 seconds to rest between sets. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Your Guide to Building Bigger Shoulders. The 23 Best Foods to Build Muscle.

The 20 Greatest Adventures in the World. Pekic Getty Images. Related Story. Cast Iron Kettlebell Weight.