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National Public Radio. Democracy in Guatemala blog ". The Huffington Post. Small Axe. Retrieved July 6, San Antonio Express News. Archived from the original on March 15, The Miami Herald. Retrieved July 11, New Left Review.

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II Caribbean Review of Books. He is emeritus professor of technology and agrarian development at Wageningen University. Its forests count in the fight against global climate change and its mining sector helps satisfy our addiction to the latest high tech gadgets. The Inga hydroelectric site has the potential to light up the entire continent.

It connects the dots by emphasizing resource diversity, interlinkages and the complex nature of these sectors.

The Democratic Republic of Congo: Between Hope and Despair

Clearly written, full of environmental facts and analyses, this volume is a must-read for anyone interested in development and the political economy of natural resource management in Africa. An invaluable contribution — a truly remarkable synthesis of the pathways to Congolese economic improvement and the many roadblocks along the way. The succinct and sparkling summation of the key elements of the political economy is most useful. The author's capacity to convey a rich treasure chest of information and acute analytical skills make this a landmark work.

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ISBN: , pp, May Africa: why economists get it wrong Morten Jerven Morten Jerven seeks to fundamentally reframe the debate around African economics, challenging mainstream accounts. And most African economies have been growing at a rapid pace since the mids. Therefore African states were dismissed as incapable of development based largely on observations made during the s and early s.

The result has been misguided analysis and policy.

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Countries as far apart as Niger, Uganda, Chad, Ghana and Kenya are looking at the prospect of almost unimaginable flows of money into their national budgets. But the story of African oil has usually been associated with conflict, corruption and disaster, with older producers such as Nigeria, Angola and Cameroon having little to show for the many billions of dollars they've earned. In this eye-opening book, former BBC correspondent Celeste Hicks questions the inevitability of the so-called 'resource curse', revealing what the discovery of oil means for ordinary Africans, and how China's involvement threatens a profound change in Africa's relationship with the West.

Africa Uprising: popular protest and political change Adam Branch and Zachariah Mampilly From Tunisia and Egypt, to Uganda and Sudan, to Nigeria and Senegal, African cities have seen uprisings by youth and unemployed, as well as by organized labour, civil society activists, writers and artists, and religious groups. Drawing on interviews and in-depth analysis from Nigeria, Uganda, Sudan and Ethiopia, Branch and Mampilly explore what is driving this new wave of popular protest in Africa, situating the current popular activism within its broader historical and continental context.

Melding analyses of Africa's incorporation into the global economy, the failure of African governments to truly democratize, the actions of opposition forces both formal and informal, and the role of African popular culture, the authors provide insight into understanding African politics today.

The Great African Land Grab? Agricultural Investment and the Global Food System Lorenzo Cotula Large-scale land acquisitions in Africa have stoked controversy, making headlines in media reports across the world. Some commentators have welcomed the trend as a bearer of new livelihood opportunities while others have pointed to negative social impacts, including loss of local land rights, threats to local food security, and marginalisation of small-scale farming.

Lorenzo Cotula, one of the leading experts in the field, casts a critical eye over the most reliable evidence available on this hotly contested topic, examining the implications of land deals in Africa for its people, for world agriculture and food. ISBN: pp. July Democratic Republic of Congo: Between Hope and Despair Michael Deibert Over the past decade and a half, the Democratic Republic of Congo has been at the centre of the deadliest series of conflicts since the Second World War, and now hosts the largest United Nations peacekeeping mission in the world.

Featuring a wealth of remarkable on-the-ground reportage and first-hand interviews acclaimed journalist Michael Deibert paints a compelling picture of a nation in flux, inching towards peace but solidifying into what may prove to be another era of authoritarian rule.

Congo and Africa's World War: Crash Course World History 221

ISBN pp. December Youth and Revolution in Tunisia Alcinda Honwana The uprising in Tunisia in late and early kick-started the series of upheavals across the region now known as the Arab Spring. In this remarkable work, Alcinda Honwana, who was herself in Tunisia at the time of the revolution, goes beyond superficial accounts of what occurred to explore the defining role of the country's youth. Drawing on fresh, first-person testimony from those who shaped events, the book describes in detail the experiences of young activists through the 29 days of the revolution and the challenges they encountered after the fall of the regime and the dismantling of the ruling party.

Sexuality and Social Justice in Africa Marc Epprecht The persecution of people in Africa on the basis of their assumed or perceived homosexual orientation has received considerable coverage in the popular media in recent years. Gay-bashing by high political and religious figures in Zimbabwe and Gambia; draconian new laws against lesbians and gays and their supporters in Malawi, Nigeria, Uganda; the imprisonment and extortion of gay men in Senegal and Cameroon; and so-called corrective rapes of lesbians in South Africa have all rightly sparked international condemnation.

However, much of the analysis thus far has been highly critical of African leadership and culture without considering local nuances, historical factors and external influences that are contributing to the problem. June In this revealing and original book on an overlooked front of the so-called war on drugs, the authors show how foreign-inspired policies have failed to help African drug users who require medical support while strengthening corrupt and brutal law enforcement officers. October Getting Somalia Wrong? Faith, War and Hope in a Shattered State Mary Harper Somalia is a comprehensively failed state, representing a threat to itself, its neighbours and the wider world.

In recent years, it has become notorious for the piracy off its coast and the rise of Islamic extremism, opening it up as a new 'Southern front' in the war on terror. At least that is how it is inevitably presented by politicians and in the media.

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Mary Harper argues however that viewing Somalia through the prism of al-Qaeda risks further destabilizing the country and the entire Horn of Africa, She also shows that Somalia is far from being a failed society: in reality, alternative forms of business, justice, education and local politics have survived and even flourished. The most accessible and accurate account available of the contemporary Somali world, pirates and all. ISBN , pp, February But Africa s foreign assets remain private and hidden, while its foreign debts are public, owed by the people of Africa through their governments.

This book reveals the intimate links between foreign loans and capital flight. More than half of the money borrowed by African governments in recent decades departed in the same year, with a significant portion of it winding up in private accounts at the very banks that provided the loans in the first place. Meanwhile, debt-service payments continue to drain scarce resources from Africa, cutting into funds available for public health and other needs.

The authors argue that African governments should repudiate these odious debts from which their people derived no benefit, and that the international community should assist in this effort. James K.

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Boyce and Leonce Ndikumana are both professors of economics at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. ISBN pp, October Congo Masquerade. Permissions Icon Permissions.

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