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Being a qualified shorthand clerk, she started her career as a clerical assistant in the purchasing department of a medium-sized enterprise. After that she worked in the technical department of the hospital Marien-Klinikum in Rhineland-Palatinate until she retired. Based on her interest in literature she later developed a talent for literary writing, especially short stories and poetry. In January her poems were published in the anthology Abendfrieden, Gedichte[4] Evening Peace, poems. In the same year the same publisher issued her poetry book Himmelreich Kingdom of Heaven as part of the poetry series "50 sonnets".

He is most famous for the elaborate religious spectacle-pantomime The Miracle and the screenplay for the celebrated film The Blue Angel Der blaue Engel , which made a star of Marlene Dietrich. He began writing after the early death of his mother in , and went on to study classical philology, art and painting at the universities of Berlin and Paris. From he attended classical archaeology lec.

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In she produced the first published translation into English of the work of the German poet Paula Ludwig. She was evacuated to the Cotswolds during the war and afterwards trained as an actor at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. She had eight grandchildr. This list contains the names of individuals of any ethnicity or nationality who wrote poetry in the German language. Most are identified as "German poets", but some are not German. Gottfried von Strassburg died c. Gottfried's work is regarded, alongside the Nibelungenlied and Wolfram von Eschenbach's Parzival, as one of the great narrative masterpieces of the German Middle Ages.

He is probably also the composer of a small number of surviving lyrics. His work became a source of inspiration for Richard Wagner's opera Tristan und Isolde Life Other than an origin in or close association with Strasbourg, nothing is known of his life. It would seem, however, that he was a man of good birth and position, who filled an important municipal office in his native city of Strasbourg,[1] but since he is always referred to in German as Meister master and not Herr sir , it seems safe to assume he was not a knight, a conclusion supported by the rather dismissive attitude toward knightly.

Hans Hopfen , by C. At the age of 10 he was acknowledged by his father Simon Hopfen. Hans studied law and history from to in Munich, where he was a member of the Corps Franconia. By the age of 25 he had earned a reputation as a gifted romantic with his lyrical poems especially the powerful ballad of the Sendlinger Bauernschlacht, one of the highlights of his career and the humorous peasant novel Der alte Praktikant. Efforts to further his education led him to Venice in , Paris in , and Vienna in , where he was in c.

He received the international Hans Christian Andersen Medal in for his autobiography Als ich ein kleiner Junge war. When he was living in Leipzig and Berlin, he wrote her fairly intimate letters and postcards almost every day, and overbearing mothers make reg. In for his comedy of Rebecca, which he read at Regensburg before the emperor Maximilian II, he was rewarded with the laureateship, and in he was made an imperial count palatine Comes palatinus Caesareus or Pfalzgraf. Shortly after his return to the university in , he was threatened with a criminal prosecution on a charge of immoral conduct, and the.

Christian Friedrich Henrici January 14, — May 10, , writing under the pen name Picander, was a German poet and librettist for many of the cantatas which Johann Sebastian Bach composed in Leipzig. Henrici was born in Stolpen. He studied law at Wittenberg and Leipzig.

He wrote to supplement his income from tutoring and continued even after obtaining regular employment as a civil servant. There is uncertainty as to who was writing the libretti he set during his first years in the city. By , Henrici and Bach were working together. Some of Bach's most important works used Henrici's libretti.

However, they also produced secular works such as the Shepherds' Cantata of and the later Coffee Cantata and Peasant Cantata. Sammlung Erbaulicher. His translations of Shakespeare turned the English dramatist's works into German classics. Life The Marktkirche at the beginning of the 19th century; oil painting after Domenico Quaglio, Schlegel was born in Hanover, where his father, Johann Adolf Schlegel, was a Lutheran pastor. In hi. Having entered the Order of Jesus, he taught poetry and rhetoric in the Lower Rhine region.

In he took his final vows, and acted as a preacher in Cologne, Paderborn and Trier. Works He completed a substantial antiquarian work on Trier by Christoph Brouwer. James J. Mertz, John P. Life He was born at Frankfurt am Main, of an old aristocratic Catholic family. He studied law in Berlin and Heidelberg, and afterwards practised in his native city. He was, however, generally more interested in politics and literature than law.

In , he coined the term "democratic centralization" to describe the structure of his organization. On his failure to secure election t. In , Droste married expressionist exotic dancer and actress in German silent movies, Anita Berber. Droste appeared as a dancer in the silent movie Algol Full of Expressionist imagery, the book offers a glimpse into the angst and cynicism shadowing their artistic and personal existences.

Their marriage ended in Robert Aldrich and Garry Wotherspoon, eds. He served as President of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences between and Nicolay was the son of a Strasbourg archivist. He graduated from the University of Strasbourg with a degree in law.

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Like his father, he served as a librarian to a string of rich nobles. Prince Dmitry Gallitsyn employed Nicolay as his secretary in Vienna and Paris where he came to know Voltaire, Diderot, d'Alembert and other luminaries of the Enlightenment. When Paul became emperor, he appointed Nicolay to run the St.

Petersburg Academy of Sciences 15 April — 2 June In he was the founding father of the Burschenschaftlichen movement in Kiel, where he became a member of the fraternity Teutonia in Kiel. He took part in the Wartburg Festival of Career He became known through two of his songs, "Impact! The latter song was immortalized much later by Johannes Brahms as a trumpet theme in his Academic Festival Overture.

Its tune is now used in the Micronesian national anthem.

Gertrud Kantorowicz was a German art historian, poet and translator. Kantorowicz also became a disciple and assistant to Georg Simmel, and his secret lover. However, her work on the conceptual foundations of classical Greek art was only published posthumously. Although she was in England in , she chose to return to Germany during the Czechoslovak crisis.

After the outbreak of war, she managed to arrange a post at Skidmore Col. Ein Hirtenlied in 5 Bildern in Neuversen. Oper in 3 Akten. Eugen d'Albert , premiered Darmstadt Der goldene Pfad. Eugen d'Albert Leo Blech. Singspiel in 3 Akten. During her career as a journalist, she wrote for many newspapers in Germany and England. She is perhaps best known as the subject of a painting by Otto Dix.

Life Born Sylvia von Halle in Hamburg, von Harden she chose the name as an aristocratic pseudonym [1] wrote a literary column for the monthly Das junge Deutschland "The young Germany" from to , and wrote for Die Rote Erde "The red Earth" from to An ambivalent image of the New Woman, it depicts von Harden with bobbed hair and monocle, seated at a cafe table with a cigarett. Bernstein born Fritz Weigle, — was a German poet, cartoonist, satirist, and academic. He worked for the satirical biweekly pardon.

After teaching at schools, he was professor of caricature and comics at the Berlin Academy of the Arts from to He was one of the founding members of the Neue Frankfurter Schule, which published the satirical magazine Titanic. In , they both moved to the Berlin Academy of the Arts. Weigle returned to Stuttgart where he took the exam to be an art teacher in Later in , he studied graphics in Berlin, and simultaneously German at the Free University of Berlin, completing in He began work as a teacher in in Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen at the Freihe.

Life He was born in Hamburg. Guerickes Sperling. Achtzehn Pasteten. Die Sandale des Propheten.

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Berlin Verlag. Drei Verborgene. Poesiealbum Der verschlossene Raum. Herausgegeben von Ma.

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Therese von Artner was a German-language author who published lyric poems under the pseudonym Theone. She began writing poetry at a young age, publishing poems under the pseudonym Theone.

Women textile artists

Artner may have chosen her pseudonym based on the poem Teone by Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstock, who she cited as an early influence. During the s, a liberal time period in the Weimar republic, Eick wrote poems and short stories for lesbian magazines, including Garconne. In , she was granted a visum to live in the UK and fled to London after surviving an attack by Nazis on the farm she was staying at during the Reichkristallnacht.

They moved to Devon, where they opened a nursery and Eick started writing again.

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Her collection of poems, Immortal Muse, was published in and turned into a short film called The Immortal Muse by Jules Hussey in Elke Erb is a German author-poet based in Berlin. She has also worked as a literary editor and translator. Her parents had moved there with her uncle Otto and his family in in order, as her father put it, to "overwinter National Socialism". Her mother Elisabeth worked on the land. Elke was the eldest of her parents' three daughters, all born in Scherbach between and when her father was conscripted for military service.

Youngest of the three sisters is the author-poet Ute Erb. As far as. He has published novels, poems, essays and audiobooks, as well as poetry translated from English, French and Bulgarian including John F. Deane, Blaga Dimitrova and Ljubomir Nikolov. In he moved to Munich and began studying philosophy at the LMU, where he graduated in with a master's degree. In , Basse was one of the co-founders of the Munich Office of Literature, whose board of directors he worked for four years.

Revolvy Brain's folder German poets. Over his career, Engelke has 20th-century German male writers Revolvy Brain revolvybrain German educational theorists Revolvy Brain revolvybrain German editors Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Exte 16th-century male writers Revolvy Brain revolvybrain 16th-century German writers Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Lutheran hymns Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Merbort topic Merbort was a medieval German poet whose work is almost entirely lost. Horst Tomayer topic Horst Tomayer. Salomo Friedlaender topic Salomo Friedlaender 4 May in Gollantsch — 9 September in Paris was a German-Jewish[1] philosopher, poet, satirist and author of grotesque and fantastic literature. His most philosophical work, Die schoepferische Indifferenz , Friedlaender built upon Kant's ideas to move beyond the classical dualism of subject and object in a purified, absolute s People from the Province of Posen Revolvy Brain revolvybrain German Jews Revolvy Brain revolvybrain German philosophers Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

In the Manesse Codex he is Her Reinmar der Alte, which serves to distinguish him from later singers such as Reinmar v 13th-century poets Revolvy Brain revolvybrain 12th-century poets Revolvy Brain revolvybrain 12th-century German poets Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Songs One is the good shepherd Einer ist der gute Hirte I am approaching my most joyful day Es naht mein freudenvollster Tag Great morning, the earth Groesster Morgen, der die Erde Where the Lord does not build the hou births Revolvy Brain revolvybrain German poets Revolvy Brain revolvybrain deaths Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

Daniel Schiebeler topic Daniel Schiebeler 25 March — 19 August was a German writer, poet, librettist and Protestant hymnwriter. Ernst Schulze poet topic Ernst Schulze. From he attended classical archaeology lec 20th-century German dramatists and playwrights Revolvy Brain revolvybrain German screenwriters Revolvy Brain revolvybrain German translators Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. You previously purchased this article through ReadCube. Institutional Login. Log in to Wiley Online Library. Purchase Instant Access.

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