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ASEAN as an organization stands to gain or lose status by following up or not following up its member states on climate issues, and by member states succeeding or failing to meet their NDCs. He asked the session to make a record of the project, which it did. According to news reports, the court awarded 19, square kilometers 7, square miles of a total disputed area of 25, km to Bangladesh.

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More importantly, both countries praised the ruling. Back in , India and Bangladesh reached a bilateral agreement to resolve their disputed land borders This is also not the first time an international tribunal has peacefully resolved a maritime border dispute in South Asia. At the same time it filed the case with India, Bangladesh asked another tribunal to resolve its maritime dispute with Myanmar according to the terms of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea. Myanmar, like India, agreed to submit the case to the tribunal and abide by its ruling Myanmar conflict threatens regional stability.

New Delhi has called on Naypyidaw to stem the rising human tide, a diplomatic request that Indian officials say has so far gone unheeded. Ongoing sporadic violence between Rohingya Muslims and Buddhist Rakhines in western Myanmar has left more than 80 dead and displaced tens of thousands.

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The Myanmar government's inability or unwillingness to stop the persecution of Rohingyas has provoked strong international reaction, raising calls for retribution in radical corners of the Islamic world, including a threat from the Pakistani Taliban to attack Myanmar's diplomatic missions abroad. Fears are now rising that Myanmar-borne instability is spreading to India's northeastern frontier regions, threatening to spiral into a wider regional security dilemma.

As in Myanmar, where the Rohingyas are considered illegal Bangladeshi settlers, the Muslims targeted in Assam are accused of being ethnic Bengalis who have migrated illegally from Bangladesh The violence broke out after reports circulated that on May 28 an Arakan woman was raped and killed in the town of Ramri allegedly by three Muslim men.

Details of the crime were circulated locally in an incendiary pamphlet, and on June 3, a large group of Arakan villagers in Toungop stopped a bus and brutally killed 10 Muslims on board. Human Rights Watch confirmed that local police and soldiers stood by and watched the killings without intervening. On June 8, thousands of Rohingya rioted in Maungdaw town after Friday prayers, destroying Arakan property and killing an unknown number of Arakan residents.

Sectarian violence then quickly swept through the Arakan State capital, Sittwe, and surrounding areas. Mobs from both communities soon stormed unsuspecting villages and neighborhoods, killing residents and destroying homes, shops, and houses of worship. With little to no government security present to stop the violence, people armed themselves with swords, spears, sticks, iron rods, knives, and other basic weapons, taking the law into their own hands. Vast stretches of property from both communities were razed.

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The government claimed that 78 people were killed—an undoubtedly conservative figure—while more than , people were displaced from their homes. The hostilities were fanned by inflammatory anti-Muslim media accounts and local propaganda.

Matthew Smith: Findings From Myanmar Documentation of Abuses Against Rohingya

During the period after the rape and killing was reported and before the violence broke out, tensions had risen dramatically in Arakan State. However, local residents from each community told Human Rights Watch that the Burmese authorities provided no protection and did not appear to have taken any special measures to preempt the violence.

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On June 10, fearing the unrest would spread beyond the borders of Arakan State, Burmese President Thein Sein announced a state of emergency, transferring civilian power to the Burmese army in affected areas of the state. At this point, a wave of concerted violence by various state security forces against Rohingya communities began. In northern Arakan State, the Nasaka border guard force, the army, police, and Lon Thein committed killings, mass arrests, and looting against Rohingya. In the aftermath, local Arakan leaders and members of the Arakan community in Sittwe have called for the forced displacement of the Muslim community from the city, while local Buddhist monks have initiated a campaign of exclusion, calling on the local Buddhist population to neither befriend nor do business with Muslims Bangladesh FM leaves for Germany for Maritime dispute verdict.

She is scheduled to arrive in Hamburg at am Bangladesh time on Wednesday, to be present during the deliberation of the verdict. This article examines the major catalysts of the surge in activity over the maritime boundary dispute between Myanmar and Bangladesh and explores both the likely avenues for resolution and the resulting implications for the two countries and the region at large. Bangladesh, Myanmar agree to compromise on sea boundary dispute. The lack of a clear boundary has caused tensions between the two neighbours over offshore hydrocarbon exploration in the bay in Let us take stock of what we have institutionally done so far- 1.

Sectarian Violence and Ensuing Abuses in Burma’s Arakan State | HRW

Before independence in , an agreement to demarcate land boundary was signed with Myanmar; 2. In , border agreement for cooperation was signed; 3. In , an agreement for demarcation of land section of the boundary north of Naaf river was signed; 4.

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An understanding to have foreign secretary level annual talks touching on economic links has been agreed to; 5. A joint trade commission was established to discuss trade matters; 6. Talks on delimitation of maritime boundary has now been agreed to. Bangladesh-Myanmar in standoff. Troops on alert as row over oil and gas exploration in Bay of Bengal simmers. Bangladesh's border guards have been placed on high alert after reports that Myanmar strengthened its security along the km land border between the countries.

The move came as Myanmar's government said on Sunday that oil and gas exploration operations in contested waters in the Bay of Bengal had been completed. A draft email is outlined. The sectarian violence has created a growing humanitarian crisis for both Arakan and Rohingya communities which needs immediate attention.

In the Rohingya displacement camps, the vast majority of which have received no assistance, there is severe overcrowding, above emergency levels of child malnutrition, totally inadequate water and sanitation, and almost no education.

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  • It is estimated that there are approximately , Rohingyas in Arakan State, and many hundreds of thousands of Rohingya refugees in other countries. The Burmese authorities have long had discriminatory policies and practices targeting the Rohingyas.

    Rohingya and national identities in Burma

    Rohingya have suffered restrictions on marriage, freedom of movement, and religious practice. In addition, the regime has routinely subjected Rohingya to forced labour, extortion, land confiscation, and other human rights abuses. Report on Rohingya situation. Report by UN Special Rapporteur. Statement from the European Rohingya Council. Refugees International highlights the chance that the international community has, in this time of dramatic change in Burma, to end discrimination against the Rohingya and to restore their citizenship.