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Share my excitement and my discoveries as I delve ever deeper into the world of prints and printmakers. I;ve spent hours perusing the internet looking for illustrations to "Flowers of Evil" and have found precious little.


I am astounded no one has collected these works into a book, or at least a website. If anyone knows where i can track these illustrations down, let me know.

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Hi Jonathan - If you go to my website at www. Just typing Baudelaire in the search box will bring quite a lot up, but by no means all, so it's probably best to search artist by artist. I can't tell you how deliciously provocative these all are, and my gratitude for you compiling and sharing them I'd live in a shack filled to the roof with these and find myself quite content. Hi Drunk Mommy, I look forward to reading your diary - in the meantime, I'm very happy to have given you pleasure.

Welcome, flatsol - I hope you'll enjoy the blog. Bernadette Kelly is a wonderful artist, I think. I'm surprised she isn't better known. Post a Comment. Wednesday, November 7, Flowers of evil. Whereas in England the visual and literary worlds are quite separate, French writers and artists have been engaged in an intimate dialogue since at least the time of Victor Hugo. The work of Baudelaire has continued to cast an hypnotic glamour over French artists.

Arnaud d'Hauterives, Qu'est-ce qu l'amour? The influence of his teacher and friend Balthus is very evident in the art of Hauterives, but so too is that of earlier masters of shadow and light such as Odilon Redon and Georges Seurat. The concerns of the Symbolists, that complex interweaving of death, decadence, and desire, still speak powerfully to us even though Symbolism as a movement in art and literature is more than a century past its peak. Arnaud d'Hauterives, Les Bijoux, Hauterives is not very well known outside France, though within it he is a venerable figure. He was born in Braine Aisne in The two artists share an ability to imbue a scene with a disquieting sense of dislocation and suppressed sexuality.

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They are both painters of atmosphere rather than appearance. They are technically complex, too.

Grèce: un ferry accoste à Kos pour accélérer l'enregistrement des réfugiés

I have a set of progressive proofs of one lithograph, Madrigal triste, showing that it required no fewer than 14 colour passes, in various shades shades of pink, magenta, and purple. The result is incredibly rich, with endless undertones and overtones of colour. All four of these artists, in fact, were commissioned by the same publisher, Philippe Lebaud.

Bernadette Kelly, Les bienfaits de la lune, Bernadette Kelly is the most warm and intimate, bathing her interiors in candlelight and wreathing her exteriors in mist. I have a catalogue for her show at the Bateau Lavoir the show that brought her to the attention of Lebaud , at which she showed intimiste paintings and prints of nudes and interiors.

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Her Baudelaire lithographs, inspired by Le Spleen de Paris, were published in ; I have one of 25 signed suites on Auvergne paper. Bernadette Kelly, Laquelle est la vrai? As an artist, Claude Serre is underrated because he was good at too many other things. He was a painter, an illustrator, a cartoonist, a craftsman in porcelain and glass.

I have one of 65 signed suites of his lithographs for Les Fleurs du Mal, which reveal a strong sense of composition and a mastery of the sensuous and the macabre. Claude Serre, The Albatross, With apologies for all this leaping about in time, I also have many prints nearer in date and aesthetic sensibility to Baudelaire himself. A woman uses a makeshift swing for a small child at the Kara Tepe camp for refugees and other migrants on Lesbos island, Greece, on Thursday, Oct.

More than a million migrants and refugees crossed through Greece and on to other EU countries since the start of , while over 60, have been stranded in the country since the EU-Turkey deal took effect and the Balkan transit route north was closed.

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Associated Press. A banner reads : " No to migrants at psychiatric hospital for the security of patients", as the government plans to house migrants in an abandoned wing of a psychiatric hospital, in Pierrefeu, southeastern France, Saturday, Oct. Left-wing activists hold a banner reading : " Yes to solidarity and welcome to migrants and refugees " during a demonstration to welcome the migrants, in Pierrefeu, southeastern France, Saturday, Oct. Left-wing activists hold boards reading : "Borders kill.

Regulate undocumented migrants" during a demonstration to welcome the migrants, in Pierrefeu, southeastern France, Saturday, Oct. Local residents hold a banner reading : " City of Pierrefeu says no to the creation of a reception center for migrants"during a march in Pierrefeu, southeastern France, Saturday, Oct.

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Local residents hold a banner reading : " City of Pierrefeu says no to the creation of a reception center for migrants" during a march in Pierrefeu, southeastern France, Saturday, Oct. Greece's coast guard says a boat carrying migrants was found rudderless in southwestern Greece. The boat was pulled into the port of Methoni and all passengers are reportedly safe. A coast guard spokesman, speaking Saturday on condition of anonymity, told The Associated Press the migrants have been taken to a sports facility to be registered and questioned. He said he had no information about their nationalities or the boat's point of origin.

More than a million refugees and migrants have come into Greece so far this year heading to other European nations, and some 60, have become stuck there as borders close around Europe. French villagers are protesting the arrival of migrants who are being dispersed around the country as the government shuts down the slum-like camp in Calais that has become a flashpoint in Europe's migrant crisis.