Manual Parité Circus (Documents, Actualités, Société) (French Edition)

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It relies on the various scientific skills available within the Paris-Est community, including theoretical and numerical modelling from atomistic to structural scales and experimental investigation, involving in particular innovative manufacturing processes and multiscale imaging techniques of materials. A wide class of materials is considered, including rocks, soils, cement based materials and concrete, natural materials as wood or hemp, polymer or glass based materials, as well as their combination leading to various ranges of composites materials; model materials without direct application might also be considered in view of the detailed understanding of specific physical processes involved in more complex microstructures.

Questions regarding the optimal use of traditional or more innovative materials in constructions are also of interest, as well as surface treatments for their functionalization. Labex MMCD gathers three laboratories of comparable size, as well as two smaller research groups, building up a community of about researchers covering a rather wide set of scientific expertises. Roughly speaking, they refer to the typical scales of the phenomena under consideration, ranging from nanometric scales considered in Axis 1, to metric scales of macroscopic structures considered in Axis 4; Axes 2 and 3 refer primarily to intermediate microscopic scales, at which matter might be described as a continuum, Axis 2 being focused on solid type behaviours, while Axis 3 considers fluid-type behaviours, in a large strain regime.

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Advanced fundamental scientific challenges are addressed within these Axes, through funded projects involving at least two different teams of the Labex, with complementary skills. In addition, since , a few larger transverse projects have been funded and address more generic questions requiring wider ranges of skills to be addressed. Currently, three transverse projects are being funded. Home Aims and scope. Stafford, Socialism, op.

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Elsner et J. He has written on early modern textiles, dress and fashion in Europe and Asia. He and has spent his career writing books and articles in European and latterly global economic history. His recent work attempts to bring the state back into narratives of long economic growth. Sommaire - Document suivant. Traduction de Liliane Perez. Les perceptions et les conceptions de la France et du continent.


Colquhoun, A treatise on the wealth, power, and resources, of the British Empire in every quart Berg, The machinery question and the making of political economy , Cambridge, , pp Since these early forms of the steam engine I have lived