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Actual Freedom of Speech is impossible. It is nothing but a myth.

The Cartography of the Baudin Expedition: Louis Freycinet’s Map of New Holland

The death penalty should be reintroduced if banned or maintained where it still exists. Another challenge for the students: Performing an extract from a play or a scene. This year two students from Charles Coeffin were not debating but performing a scene from The importance of being Ernest by Oscar Wilde. Augustown by Kei Miller. By cutting off the dreadlocks of the young Rasta the teacher representing the establishment ignored the sacredness of this element in this communuty's iidentity, creating an autoclaps, a trouble harbinger to more trouble to come.

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Ma terre amère

The story of Richard and Mildred Loving who managed to invalidate state laws prohibiting interracial marriages March 22nd: International Karaoke. April 26th: Reading club.

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May 8th: Excursion to Antigua. See the invitation.

Les Adieux Suisses

More to see and read about the event soon Plus de rencontres Fiche D'inscription. Topics and dates. Register Now. This Day In History. ZJB Radio Montserrat. World creole Music Festival. Read more Don't Miss The Event. More pictures.

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The Red Team from Versailles High! Congratulations and many thanks to all these students who participated in this tournament making it this success it was. To choose your newspapers and art. A Lesson before dying. Ernest J. Thank you ladies.

Dernierement Posté

We thanked her on your behalf and again we congratulate you and thank you for this fabulous attendance! Club De Lecture. The great Debate challenge Marijuana should be legalized to curb violence. Even if you don't have tickets, please come, last minute seating should be available! Presented in partnership with the Cultural Services French Embassy in the US , it's a choral text with a frantic and hectic rhythm, which addresses our relationship with money, and crosses different stages of life, from early childhood to adulthood.

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Summoning their ancestors and countless family memories, whether from the 16th or the 20th century, their past is brought to life on the stage, shedding light on and enriching the present. A wonderful performance not to be missed!

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Because we like to treat you, we are hosting another play for our opening on September 21st, "Portrait de Ludmilla en Nina Simone", by David Lescot. He plays guitar accompanying Ludmilla Dabo on stage, an actress with a lifelong affinity for the jazz of Nina Simone. We look forward to seeing you soon!

ISBN 13: 9782070360215

December , Whitman College Theater. We enjoyed meeting and working with you so much, and hope to visit again soon! What a better way to close our festival with wonderful "Myrrha" by Guillaume Vincent , which will be presented at 4 pm and 8pm Class of theater at Whitman College, Princeton University. Aller vers.