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I know politicians are relentlessly lobbied by the extractive industries, that there is a revolving door from politics and the civil service to the oil and aviation industries.

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But when our society and ecosystem collapses around us, none of us will be able to eat, drink, or breathe money. We know what to do to tackle the climate crisis, but it is not being done. Yet to be depressed and to lose all hope only makes the problem worse.

I am fearful for the future for myself, for my family and for all living creatures on this fragile planet. I believe there is a real and substantial threat to all our lives and that, in accordance with the science , urgent and systemic changes to our society must be taken now to mitigate the danger.

Over the past 40 years I have tried everything I could think of to create the changes necessary to combat the climate emergency and prevent catastrophic collapse. That is why I took part in a peaceful road blockade in April with Extinction Rebellion, as a result of which I was convicted this week of a public order offence.

I believed our action could persuade our government to implement three demands to help save our world for future generations. First, to tell the truth by declaring a climate and ecological emergency and to work with other institutions to communicate the urgency for change. Second, to act now to halt biodiversity loss and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net-zero by Following the wave of actions in London that began on 15 April, I believe that the necessity of our work, and its success in raising the alarm, are now widely acknowledged.

The real Elvis Presley: The incredible story behind "The '68 Comeback Special"

Like most people, I do not like being arrested. I did not want to spend three days in police cells refusing what I considered to be unreasonable bail conditions preventing me from returning to the protests. I do not enjoy spending time in courts, nor do I wish to spend scarce resources travelling from Wales to London for the hearings. If the government had done its job of acting in the public interest by providing people with honest information about the scale and urgency of the threat, if it had addressed the threat instead of compounding it, I would not have needed to engage in nonviolent direct action.

Even though I did refuse to move when asked to by a policeman, I believed I was justified in remaining at the protest and taking part in what I considered to be a reasonable and proportionate response to the climate emergency.

Minecraft: VIDA REAL - #68 HELENA NOS ABANDONOU!! - Comes Alive Mod

I believed that my action, alongside many of the thousands gathered in London that week, would help avoid disaster and lead to change. And this has been proved to be true. It has opened up a space for real debate about the climate emergency and what practical actions can be taken. Wales became the first country to formally declare a climate emergency. A few days later, the UK government declared a climate and environmental emergency. I have been involved in persuading my own town council in Knighton, Powys, to declare a climate emergency and to hold public meetings to decide what practical actions can be taken.

I believe that this would not have happened without the creative disruption we caused in central London. Given that our fragile planet is undergoing a climate crisis that will soon culminate in chaos and massive loss of life, I had to do all in my power to bring about the necessary changes to prevent this catastrophe.

I hope you will agree that what I did was a reasonable, proportionate and necessary response to the emergency situation we are in.

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She was found guilty of a minor public order offence and given a conditional discharge. Outside of real estate, Wallgren worked with nonprofit groups and was a member of The Church of St. Luke in the Fields in New York City. Wallgren is survived by his spouse, Martin Kenneth Rook, and his sister and brother. A memorial service is to be held at The Church of St. Luke in the Fields today.

The real Elvis Presley: The incredible story behind "The '68 Comeback Special"

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