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On behalf of Mitsubishi Materials, I offer our sincere apology. I also offer our deepest condolences to their fellow U. POWs who worked alongside them but have since passed away. I entered the room with a heavy heart, seeking forgiveness, but instead of grievances, I was met with forgiveness and generosity. Kimura, present a stirring, heartfelt, warm and sincere apology to former U. Such actions will continue to foster greater understanding between individuals and, symbolically, between nations, ultimately serving as a broader reminder of our shared humanity.

We owe a debt of gratitude to those who set this example for us, and we owe it to the generations that follow to pass on these stories and the lessons they reveal. Kenneth B. Murphy is an author, management consultant and entrepreneur residing in Newport Beach, California. Sorry, but your browser needs Javascript to use this site. Japan's systemic barriers to gender equality The recent news that the pass ratio for female students applying to the Tokyo Medical University slightly exceeded that of their male peers should come as no surprise — education experts h Powered by CS-Cart. My Account.

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Inspirational Stories of the Power of Prayer

View Full Catalog Here. Sat Memorial-Labor Day. Cart is empty. View cart. Ed Sinclair Consulting. Church Appointments. Church Furnishings. Church Statuary. How awesome is this?! I love this idea page so much. We are doing our own stories; every theme! I was stuck so I started trawling sites for prompts. I usually write dark and heavy stuff but I wanted to try humor for a change. Thought I might work as many Elvis song titles into the narrative that I can. Here are ideas that i want to see in a novel: A young boy who becomes the leader of the residence, fighting zombies. The story tells how he grows up and how every event makes him stronger.

Confession and Reconciliation

An event that makes almost every person gain a power to manipulate pacific things. The story is told by a school boy who can manipulate everything. He tackles through difficult problems as growing into a teenager. Many people relly on him for protection but he doesnt know how to use his ability. A knew idea for mass production of electricity causes all the power in the world to run out. Nothing can turn it back on. The story tells of a war between the president and ordinary people.

The story is post apocolyptic. The moon blows up, global warming occurs, cyclones occur almost everywhere. Everywhere is a dead zone. The story is of a normal person who falls inlove with the leader of the resistance. In the end, the leader betrays them. Many more events occur but it is up to you to find out. A fantasy story where most mythical creatures become extinct. The story is of a basted whos father was the king.

After the king dies, his half brother becomes king. He was raised as a slave. He tries to excape but is captured and tortured. He manages to excape under great sacrifice. He becomes friends with the rest of the mythical creatures. Creates an army and manages to become a king. After long effort he manages to overcome his brother. A story where a boys spy father dies. After the boy grows into a man he becomes a spy too.

He is tasked with a small enemy but he finds out that it can dedtroy the world. The villian kills almost everyone he knows.

Here's how you can help new Canadians understand their role in reconciliation

He finds another spy service and joins them. He manages to…………….. These are so inspiring!!!! I love the one with the overflow of alien cats, but is it ok if I change the part about commiting suicide? This is by far one of the best short stories website I have come across! Can I use one of the topics for my short story? If I can do I have to use credits or something like that?

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However I am not sure which of your supernatural ideas I like best please could you give me a suggestion of which one to do. This is such a great list of short story ideas! Can I take one or two storylines and mix them together to make one story?? Do I have to give you some credits??? Thank you so much for these great ideas! Your suggestions really helped me realise that it was getting boring and that I had not researched at all!! So, do we have to give credit because i like these ideas. Try coming up with the backstory before you write your outline.

Once you have the backstory down, the outline tends to just piece itself together. Also, focus on how the external events push the internal conflict of the character. Thank you so much for creating this site! I love all of the different catagories that you sorted these story ideas into!

Nelson Mandela Forgiveness Story -Inspirational Video on Forgiveness

It made it so much easier to find what I was looking for! I am in middle school, and I needed ideas for a book. I love writing but I can never figure out what to write about.

I. Reconciliation begins with God (Gen. 32:1-2)

Thank you for all these ideas! Do you think I will?? I want to use one of these prompts for a short story competition at school. I want to write a short story and the word limit is words can you please give me some more ideas. List like this are good to get the mind flowing. My problem is everything I write winds up as porn. The guy hiking into the blizzard will meet an ice nymph on my head. Can I use it? I absolutely LOVE those ideas. They are sensational, epic, insane, perfect. Great Post.!!!! Thanks for sharing this post with us it was really very informative and quite helpful for my small research.

Thanks again. Great ideas thank you! Do you have any ideas on animals? I would like to do a short using horses or dogs and am looking for more ideas. All ideas welcome! These ideas were wonderful, but I have a problem. Do you have any tips? I have no idea what to do. I have a story idea of my own that any of you could try!

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When the main character, Emily, is diagnosed with schizophrenia at 15, her whole world changes. Not only does she hear and see people no one else can see, but she is suddenly caught up in a wild adventure that may end up with her dead.

Rosary Testimonials - Miracle Stories and Signal Graces

Definitely great for inspiration! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Humor Substitute teachers are sick of not being taken seriously, so they form a secret society: Subperior. Make as many crossovers between fashion and bird life as possible. An Elvis impersonator books a concert that is so good, people believe the real Elvis has come back to life.

Next thing he knows, he is the leader of a superstitious Elvis cult. After a religious cult takes over the government, caffeine is outlawed. Tell the story of a brave and coffee-loving family who opens a CaffeineSpeakeasy. Everyone confuses Fabio the Frog for a toad because of his warts.