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In this context, the Commission encourages the adoption of new anti-corruption legislation, the speeding up of the overall anti-corruption reform process, the removal of any obstacles that favour an impunity regime for corruption and the follow-up of the most recent GRECO recommendations on party funding and incrimination of corruption offences.

Has Latvia drafted such a programme, and, if so, has it managed to implement it? What criteria and regulations are applied in the assessment of air quality in Latvia? Since then an infringement procedure is ongoing against Latvia for breach of the PM10 limit value. This programme aims to reduce pollution of PM 10 and NO 2. The Commission assesses the effects of air quality action plans and programmes in Member States by using the annual data from the annual report on ambient air quality provided by the Member States.

The Commission analyses if there are any exceedances in the air quality zones and looks for trends in ambient air quality. B provides the criteria for this assessment. Does the Commission have a more up-to-date assessment of which freshwaters, in each Member State, will not achieve the objectives of the framework directive?

The report should highlight the main achievements, but also the gaps and deficiencies in the implementation of the directive. It should also contain suggestions for a better implementation of the directive in the WFD's second planning cycle. The report will be accompanied by individual Member States assessments presenting an up-to-date picture of the status of EU waters with regard to the WFD's objective of achieving good ecological status. These statements made by a leading politician are particularly worrying and must be investigated in depth.

Has the Commission taken these statements made by the former Prime Minister of the FYROM on the lack of democracy, freedom of speech and freedom of information seriously? It is evident that, once again, FYROM is unjustifiably provoking an EU Member State in a bid to undermine bilateral relations and fuel the systematic hostile propaganda being directed against Greece by the Skopje Government. What measures does it intend to take to make it clear that such political tactics are unacceptable to EU Member States? The Commission is aware of the statements to which the Honourable Member refers and has been following developments closely.

Democracy and freedom of expression form an essential part of the process of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia in moving towards the European Union. The Commission launched the High Level Accession Dialogue with the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia to maintain the momentum of the reform process. The Dialogue focuses on five key areas: protecting freedom of expression in the media, strengthening the rule of law, reforming public administration, improving the election process and developing the market economy.

A roadmap, including the definition of the timeframe for each measure, was recently adopted by the government. The assessment of the country's fulfilment of the political criteria will be delivered in the upcoming Progress Report in October in The Commission continuously reminds all EU candidate countries of the importance of good neighbourly relations and of maintaining a constructive dialogue with neighbouring states. Regulas Nr. The plan was that international payments should be free of charge and that amounts should reach their recipients no later than the day after the transfers are made.

Minn issa 'l quddiem dak li se jkun tal-akbar importanza huwa sa liema punt dawn l-intenzjonijiet tajba jkunu tradotti f'azzjoni konsistenti. Il-Kummissjoni se tivvaluta l-progress tas-Serbja skont dan. In what way does the Commission expect this electoral outcome to affect the accession process with Serbia? The intentions of the president and of the future government are clear.

There is commitment to pursue the good cooperation and reconciliation in the region. These commitments are well in line with the fact that Serbia is now a candidate country. What will from now on matter most is to what extent these good intentions are translated into consistent action.

The Commission will be assessing Serbia's progress accordingly. As Serbia has the ambition to move to the next step — opening of accession negotiations — there is work ahead for the incoming government. Given that the deadline for this strategy is approaching, can the Commission report on any progress made in this regard, and confirm whether this strategy is on track to achieve its set objectives?

The figures available for , and suggest that the accident rate continues to decline. The Commission intends to present the results of the final evaluation of the strategy by the end of , taking account of progress in the areas on which national strategies focus. On the basis of those results and following a wide consultation of the stakeholders, it will put forward strategic priorities for health and safety at work for the forthcoming period. This involves the temporary above— and under-ground storage of the material. However, the directive itself lays down new provisions for temporary storage only.

What research is currently being conducted to find more sustainable means of disposal? The Commission continues monitoring relevant developments and research activities in this field, giving particular attention to options for a more sustainable final disposal of metallic mercury.

Ziel ist es, eine Befreiung von den Abgaben durchzusetzen und die bisher gezahlten Abgaben erstattet zu bekommen. Since the liberalisation of the gas and electricity market in Belgium, gas and electricity suppliers in the Brussels Capital Region have been required to pay an environmental levy. The aim is to obtain an exemption from the levies and a refund of the levies paid to date. The levy is charged to electricity and gas suppliers, not final consumers the European institutions.

Are the European institutions continuing to pay the levy, or has payment ceased, following the renegotiation of the contracts with the gas and electricity suppliers? The politician stated that Bulgaria must intervene as a matter of urgency, not only in the case of Spaska Mitrova but in other similar cases. He also called for the Bulgarian President to act so that Mitrova can be given asylum. If these allegations of human rights violations prove to be true, will the Commission state:.

What measures will it take to make it clear to FYROM that it must respect and uphold good neighbourly relations and that it must not undermine bilateral relations with its neighbours such as Greece and, in this case, Bulgaria? What measures will it take to ensure FYROM, as an accession country, is made aware of and adopts its recommendations on respecting parental rights, particularly in the context of good neighbourly relations? The Commission has a policy not to comment on individual cases. Given that the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia is a member of Council of Europe, parties in court proceedings might consider referring their case to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg once all domestic legal remedies have been exhausted.

As part of the High Level Accession Dialogue, the Commission chose the strengthening of the rule of law as one of the key reform targets for the country. In this context the country has adopted a Roadmap which identifies concrete measures for the reform of the judiciary, in particular to improve the effectiveness, independence and professionalism of the judiciary. The forthcoming Progress report, to be published in October, will assess these and other related areas.

The Commission has been consistently reminding all candidate countries that maintaining good neighbourly relations is essential. All outstanding issues should be discussed at a bilateral level between the countries. A comprehensive survey of Turkish slaughterhouses has revealed serious animal welfare problems. The survey was carried out in but has only been published in as part of a Ph.

New film evidence submitted to the Commission suggests that there continue to be serious animal welfare problems during slaughter in Turkey. The problems revealed by the survey include lack of competence and training in slaughterhouse workers and animals that are unable to walk being dragged to the slaughter room rather than being slaughtered where they lie. In some cases a chain is placed round a rear leg of conscious sheep and cattle and they are hoisted — hanging upside down — to the killing rail. Many of the slaughterhouses visited failed to achieve swift, effective bleeding, leading to animals remaining conscious for a considerable time after their throats had been cut.

As Turkey is a candidate country for EU membership, what steps is the Commission taking to press and assist Turkey to ensure that its slaughter practices respect the World Organisation for Animal Health OIE recommendations on the welfare of animals at slaughter and EU legislation in this field? A new film by Compassion in World Farming reveals that animals undergo extreme suffering during slaughter in Turkey and Egypt.

In addition, a detailed independent survey reports serious animal welfare problems in many Turkish slaughterhouses. Animal welfare is an important element of the accession negotiations with Turkey in the area of food safety, veterinary and phytosanitary policy. In all relevant meetings with Turkey the Commission stresses the need of legislative alignment and underlines the importance of structural changes at slaughterhouses. Awareness raising campaigns are of paramount importance for the full implementation of the legislation on the ground.

Recently Turkey has made some progress on the legislative alignment with the animal welfare acquis, relating to animal welfare during transport and welfare of animals on farms. Turkey has also informed the Commission that it is currently working on legislation relating to animal welfare at slaughter. The Commission is constantly working to promote animal welfare internationally. The supply of medicines in Greece is in a tragic state. Could this amount be covered exceptionally and directly by the support mechanism provided to Greece or by the Commission itself?

A roadmap is currently under preparation on the basis of assessments conducted by the Greek authorities together with experts from Germany, Sweden, Belgium and the TFGR. With regard to CAP reform, and in particular the move to the new Basic Payment Scheme, could the Commission please advise me as to what consultation has taken place with British farmers?

British farmers were and are consulted at several stages. Before elaborating the reform proposals, stakeholders, including British farmers voiced theirs views on the future architecture of the common agricultural policy. During the elaboration of the impact assessment accompanying the proposals, stakeholders had also the possibility to intervene. In various meetings of the advisory groups of different sectors — where farmers are also represented — the proposals were thoroughly discussed.

In the past five years, the duty on information carriers payable on purchase of recordable CD and DVD discs and other data-recording media, has risen sharply in Latvia. Can the Commission explain the unequal duty on information carriers payable in the different EU countries, and can it indicate which legislation regulates such duties? In relation to the arrangements for financing and collection the Court has stated that a link is necessary between the application of the levy intended to finance fair compensation with respect to digital reproduction equipment, devices and media and the deemed use of them for the purposes of private copying.

However, taken together these factors imply that the level of levies may vary between Member States. These communications were proposed on the grounds that the role of teachers is becoming more and more complex in a modernising world and that teacher quality correlates highly with student performance and retention. These efforts highlight the necessity of reform in the sphere of education. While Member States are in fact implementing recommended procedures and programmes in their national systems, it must be recognised that there are many overarching problems, including the high variance in the quality of teachers within individual countries.

Does the Commission plan to address this specific issue in future initiatives? What are its recommendations when it comes to encouraging the Member States to adjust their policies in order to ensure a fairer distribution of teachers? This includes responsibility for the ways in which teachers are allocated to schools.

Within this framework, the Commission facilitates peer learning amongst Member States to identify the key factors for success in policies to improve the quality of teaching. Il-moviment liberu tal-kapital ilu mira ewlenija tal-Unjoni Ewropea. The free movement of capital has long been a primary focus of the European Union.

MiFID is largely credited for developing cross-border trading platforms and integrating capital markets, but there are a few hitches that require attention, as well as changes that are necessary in order to respond to developments in the trading environment. MiFID II is currently in the pipeline and will address the shortcomings of MiFID, for example by increasing transparency across a wider range of instruments and markets.

While transparency is undoubtedly a substantial area that requires attention, there are other outstanding issues pertaining to MiFID. To what extent does the Commission agree with allegations that MiFID has had negative structural effects on markets, and what assurances can it provide in response to concerns over a potential decline in competition between firms the liquidity providers and over field fragmentation?

Furthermore, how is MiFID II going to deal specifically with advances in technology, and which of the measures in the old directive are being adjusted in response to the financial crisis? The MiFID review inter alia deals with market structure around trading. The main tool for achieving this aim is the introduction of a third type of trading venue alongside the existing regulated markets and multilateral trading venues: the organised trading facility OTF.

This new category will capture all multilateral trading and ensure that all trading activities are regulated in an appropriate way. As a result, investors will be able to access all prices regardless of execution venue. The approach chosen is to use a market led solution in order to obtain the necessary aggregation of data.. If such a market-led solution does not bring the expected results, a regulatory solution may be considered.

The Commission's proposals contain a review clause to this end. One of the most significant market developments over the past few decades has been the increasing trend towards the use of automated electronic trading known as algorithmic trading which includes high frequency trading HFT. The MiFID review will ensure that all HFT players are duly authorised and supervised, reinforce the organisational requirements at every step of the trading chain i.

It groups together a number of other directives and regulations on chemical substances, and is widely acknowledged as the most comprehensive set of rules on such substances. The ultimate goal, for the year , is that all EU companies that manufacture or import chemical substances amounting to a volume of one tonne or more a year will register all such substances with the European Chemicals Agency. There have, however, been complaints about the heavy burdens that REACH places on businesses, including high costs and legal uncertainty. Taking into account the warnings from industry that such an extensive system hampers global trade and reduces investment and innovation, does the Commission plan to modify or adjust the REACH goals for ?

To inform the process, a number of thematic studies have been carried out. Based on the information gathered in the course of the review and taking into account information provided by the Member States and the European Chemicals Agency in their respective reports, the Commission is currently analysing and consolidating all these inputs. Given the extensive amount of collected data the process is taking considerable time. However, doubts have been cast over the effectiveness of the directive, including allegations that it is currently failing to live up to its full potential and that far more significant savings could be achieved through more effective implementation.

In the light of these concerns, has the Commission identified any concrete shortcomings in the implementation of the directive, and by what means does the Commission intend to maximise the benefits of the directive in the future? Any future revision may be considered together with other product policies e.

Energy Labelling Directive, Ecolabel. However, the above study identified several challenges, including: ensuring efficient regulatory procedures, access to reliable data for technical analyses, timeliness of harmonised standards, and adequate market surveillance. The Commission's response has been to already adopt a set of new measures, including:. Europe Direct will be used to answer public queries on ecodesign;. The Commission will pay increased attention to material resource efficiency, and other environmental aspects, if and when these aspects are found to be significant.

The Ecodesign Directive extended its remit to energy-related products. E-commerce is a growing trend in the globalising world, and has the potential of making an enormous contribution to the European economy. These measures will attempt to break down barriers between Member States and increase consumer trust in the digital market. However, there may be other factors in play that discourage companies from participating fully in the European market.

Technologies de l'information et de la communication

This may be attributed to barriers arising from differences of culture. Retailers are faced with language difficulties and the necessity of running multiple marketing campaigns for a single product in order to appeal to people from different countries, which means they have less incentive to advertise across borders. The lack of awareness resulting from this discourages European consumers from using the digital market. In regard to its plans for developing a single EU digital market, does the Commission have any suggestions for encouraging retailers to advertise and sell on a more multinational level?

Surveys show that potential online traders do not have sufficient knowledge of the rules governing e-commerce, nor are consumers adequately informed. This is particularly true in a cross-border context, where language barriers and other cultural differences generate additional complexities for traders and consumers to sell or buy online. In addition, the Commission is developing a more pro-active policy by using existing networks, in particular the Enterprise Europe Network and the European Consumer Centres, to provide online businesses with information about their obligations when selling cross-border, and to create more awareness about the opportunities offered by selling in other EU countries.

These clusters are instrumental in increasing competition and productivity, as well as encouraging the development of new businesses in various fields. Yet they face an array of challenges; they often experience difficulties in accessing EU funding programmes, which requires a lot of time and resources, and then there is the higher level of uncertainty surrounding success, i. What does the Commission recommend in terms of the development and management of competitiveness clusters in order to aid SMEs?

How does the Commission rate the flexibility of competitiveness clusters in their ability to adjust to changes in market demand and to expand across borders? Clusters are a promising approach to promote competitiveness, innovation, industrial change and SME internationalisation. Europe needs more globally recognised clusters to help SMEs finding access to international markets and knowledge. Many EU initiatives have been launched to meet this objective so far. Under FP7 the Regions of Knowledge programme supports transnational cooperation of regional research driven clusters in Europe and on global markets.

The Regional Operational Programmes for innovation also include actions related to the nurturing of clusters. Specific actions will help develop more customised support services to SMEs, strengthen cluster management and intensify international activities. Oggetto: Scoperto il DNA del genoma mitocondriale, causa di malattie ereditarie infantili. A discovery has been made very recently by researchers at a University in Bari regarding the mitochondrial genome.

Mutations in the mitochondrial genome are responsible for extremely serious diseases that compromise muscle and nerve function and are linked to processes of ageing and carcinogenesis. This discovery will allow the involvement of the mitochondrial DNA to be studied in hundreds of diseases where the gene or genes responsible are unknown. If it intends to devote some of the funds of the Seventh Framework Programme to further investigation of this discovery and continuation of the research? The Commission is aware of the importance of supporting research of mitochondrial diseases, comprising basic research discoveries and their translation into clinical practice for the benefit of patients.

The contribution of mitochondrial mtDNA mutations to human diseases has been intensively studied since the late s. These mutations have been found to be a significant contributor to a range of rare or relatively common, complex or heterogeneous disorders neurological diseases, diabetes, sensorineural hearing loss and cardiomyopathy.

One negative effect of measures to protect the wolf population is that the number of wolves in Finland has risen to a level whereas they pose a threat to the safety of humans and domestic animals. National authorities are responsible for assessing the levels of carnivore populations and issuing hunting licences. These measures are aimed at safeguarding the preservation of a viable wolf population in the Finnish natural environment.

For citizens, this represents a serious threat to safety and restricts normal life. In some areas, the presence of wolves has made the surroundings so dangerous that, particularly for children and dogs, it is impossible to walk around outside the house. This situation could be remedied by reducing the wolf population.

Local and national measures are, however, associated with the general orientation of the European Union, which is primarily based on the conservation and well-being of wolves rather than on human safety. As a result, those who are vulnerable and threatened feel that the current situation is distorted and even absurd: wolves are more important than humans. Does the Commission intend to review the guidelines on wolves so that people who live in the vicinity of wolves can feel safe living in and moving around their neighbourhoods? What measures does the Commission intend to take concerning the guidelines on wolves so that the safety of humans and domestic animals can be guaranteed in areas where the density of wolves has become particularly high?

The Commission does not share the view of the Honourable Member that in EU policy wolves are more important than humans. Wolf populations in the reindeer herding area in Finland are exempted from this strict protection regime but the authorities must take the necessary measures to ensure that any exploitation of the species is compatible with it being maintained at a favourable conservation status. There should be no satisfactory alternative and the derogation should not be detrimental to the maintenance of populations of the species concerned at a favourable conservation status in their natural range.

The Commission has also recently initiated dialogue with various relevant stakeholders in order to find solutions to the problems caused by the co-existence of humans with large carnivores. Kuitenkin taiteilijauran alun turvaaminen on kaikkien edun mukaista. There is good reason to ensure that those working in creative industries in EU Member States have sufficient and secure opportunities for artistic and creative activity, as well as reasonable starting points for a career and making a livelihood.

Since young people, and particularly those embarking on a career in the visual arts, are on low incomes and hence are faced with particularly challenging economic conditions, a value added tax represents an unreasonable burden on them. It benefits all of us to ensure that artists can embark on a career. Value added tax VAT is a general consumption tax assessed on the value added to goods and services. It was primarily meant for raising revenue for the Member States and is borne by the final consumer. This also applies to artists. However, VAT rules are not completely harmonised, some options and specific derogations still exist, hence the current differences between the Member States.

Zero rates constitute exceptions to the general rules on VAT rates. Oggetto: Tratta degli esseri umani in Europa, un fenomeno in aumento. L'Organizzazione Internazionale del Lavoro stima che nel mondo siano quasi 21 milioni le vittime della tratta del lavoro forzato compreso per sfruttamento sessuale ; 5,5 milioni di esse sono minori. Intende proporre agli Stati membri un inasprimento delle sanzioni contro il traffico di essere umani e lo sfruttamento di minori? Oltre ad essere un grave reato, la tratta di esseri umani costituisce una seria violazione dei diritti umani.

A tale scopo, la strategia prevede lo sviluppo di orientamenti su sistemi per la protezione dei minori e il rafforzamento di tali sistemi da parte degli Stati membri. Children are also protected by the Convention on the Rights of the Child of , which oversees the rights of the weakest and most vulnerable children. This new type of slavery nevertheless seems to be on the rise in the European Union: data supplied by Member States indicate that in the euro area the most widespread forms are the exploitation of prostitution, followed by that of labour.

This kind of activity is attractive to organised crime, which can make huge profits, probably aided by an ineffective system of penalties. Does it intend to propose to Member States that they harden sanctions against human trafficking and child exploitation? Does it consider the current system for the recovery and social reintegration of the victims of forced labour, especially children, to be sufficient?

Trafficking in human beings is a serious crime and a grave violation of human rights. The directive recognises children as the most vulnerable and calls for increased prevention and protection efforts. Moreover, increased prosecution of traffickers is one of the priorities of the recently adopted EU Strategy towards the Eradication of Trafficking in Human Beings COM The strategy is victim centred and attaches special importance to the protection of children.

It encourages Member States to establish formal and functional national referral mechanisms, to help victims recover and reintegrate in society. In this respect, the strategy foresees the development of guidelines on child protection systems and the strengthening by Member States of child protection systems. Respuesta de la Alta Representante y Vicepresidenta Sra.

Wann hat sie diese eingesetzt? Ferner hat die EU betont, dass die Achtung des demokratischen Willens des paraguayischen Volkes vorrangig ist. Die Mercosur-Mitgliedstaaten haben ihre Botschafter in Paraguay abgezogen bzw. Political leaders from around Latin America responded by expressing their support for the Lugo government and their solidarity with the Paraguayan people. Does it consider valid the arguments used to remove him? How will it exert the necessary diplomatic pressure to ensure that democracy is restored? Will it support a committee to investigate the massacre?

The EU has strongly expressed concern about the speed of the process by which Fernando Lugo was impeached even if it did follow the procedures set by the Paraguayan Constitution. The EU has also underlined that respecting the democratic will of the Paraguayan people is paramount.

Mercosur countries have withdrawn, or called for consultations, their Ambassadors in Paraguay. The EU Delegations in Brazil and Uruguay have also been following the situation closely, notably through contacts with the Ministries for Foreign Affairs. The EU Delegation in Asuncion together with the main actors of civil society and other stakeholders is following closely the human rights situation in the country.

Could the Commission clarify the nature of the legal norms in force in the Member States in relation to the transcribing of court proceedings during criminal trials? Subject to the Member States' obligation under the European Convention of Human Rights to respect the right to a fair trial, the recording of criminal court proceedings, and whether they are transcribed or not, is a matter for the law of the Member States.

If court proceedings are transcribed, access to such transcriptions is governed by national law subject to compliance with the ECHR. Kan de Commissie documenten resp. Kan de Commissie aangeven welke resultaten haar acties reeds hebben gehad? Zijn deze positief of negatief? Hoe vindt een dergelijke dialoog plaats? Hoe kan dat? Kan de Commissie aangeven welke resultaten de dialoog reeds heeft gehad? Hoe zijn de genoemde aantallen tot stand gekomen resp. Deze dialogen bieden elke partij de gelegenheid aan te geven welke de specifieke problemen zijn die moeten worden aangepakt op het gebied van migratie, mobiliteit en veiligheid; terzelfder tijd helpt een dialoog gezamenlijk oplossingen te vinden die voordelen opleveren voor beide partijen en gebieden aan te wijzen waar verdere samenwerking nuttig zou zijn.

De Commissie hoopt dat de dialoog met succes zal worden afgesloten en zo spoedig mogelijk in mobiliteitspartnerschappen wordt omgezet. Can the Commission supply documents or background information concerning these subjects and its approach to them? Can the Commission indicate what results its action has already had? Are they positive or negative? Is the Commission satisfied with them or not? Can the Commission provide details of what is actually involved in the dialogue with Tunisia and Morocco?

How is such a dialogue pursued? With which representatives of Tunisia and Morocco is the Commission holding these discussions? To what extent does the Commission acquiesce in the interests of Tunisia and Morocco? How can it do so? Can the Commission indicate what results the dialogue has already had? The Commission carries out these Dialogues jointly with the EEAS, all relevant EU agencies as well as interested Member States, and has as interlocutors all relevant State bodies of the two countries concerned, coordinated by their respective Ministries of Foreign Affairs.

Dialogues allow each side to indicate the specific challenges to be addressed in the area of migration, mobility and security while at the same time, dialogues assist in jointly identifying solutions beneficial to both sides and areas were further cooperation would be useful. The Dialogues on migration, mobility and security with Tunisia and Morocco are progressing in a promising manner.

The Commission hopes they will be successfully concluded and translated into Mobility Partnerships, as soon as possible. The figures to which the Member of Parliament refers to were compiled by the Frontex Risk Analysis unit. On a recent visit to the island of Madeira the regional authorities drew my attention to the serious harm caused by the lack of support for the renewal and modernisation of the local fishing fleet, which is dominated by small-scale fishing. What is the average age of the different segments of the fleet in each of these countries, in particular the industrial fishing and the small-scale fishing fleet?

How are aspects such as safety taken into account, given this short-sighted lack of support for fleet renewal and modernisation? Support for vessel construction is nevertheless excluded. The Commission does not support the view that the age of vessels places vessel owners, fleets or Member States at a disadvantage. What matters is not so much the age of vessels, but adequate maintenance. Safety must be a primary consideration for all those involved in fishing and should not depend on the availability of public support.

Measures covered apply not only to vessels but also to individual equipments. In view of the replies to the two previous questions, the Commission does not plan to take into account the age of vessels in the EMFF. The island of Madeira has a number of ecologically valuable characteristics that are important from the point of view of conservation. The forest of Laurisilva is one outstanding example, but it is far from the only one.

The geography of the island and the type of land use that has resulted from it, with a high concentration of human occupation in certain areas, pose challenges from the point of view of conserving designated habitats and species that are protected under national and Community legislation. More specifically, it is important to preserve small patches of habitat that host species such as Madeira spurge Euphorbia piscatoria , Madeira jasmine Jasminum azoricum and others, some of which are endemic to the island.

It is also important to preserve the links between these patches of habitat. The micro-reserve model that has already been tried out in some countries, particularly in the vicinity of urban or periurban areas, has achieved some success in responding to challenges of this kind. Under this model, some landowners may receive support for managing their land in a way that makes it possible to conserve habitats and species that require protection, or for signing a long-term lease on the land.

Can the Commission provide information on the Community support that could be mobilised to support the building of a network of micro-reserves on the island of Madeira, for the above purpose? Pursuant to the Commission proposals, this kind of projects will also be eligible for co-financing after Mais concretamente:. Can the Commission say whether it has any information concerning Community funds allocated to the regional government of Madeira for restructuring, remodelling and building educational and teaching centres in the Autonomous Region of Madeira between and ?

Does the Commission have any information concerning the establishments which received this aid and the work which was carried out? The Funchal Marine Biology Station is a scientific research institute and, together with the Funchal Natural History Museum, seeks to foster scientific culture in marine science fields. The station has been doing a great deal to develop marine sciences and technologies in the Autonomous Region of Madeira, especially where the biology and ecology of the coast and deep waters are concerned. The station project — supported by EU funding to finance the building of the station proper — initially included an aquarium, which was intended to help the station perform its various tasks, but, for budgetary reasons, has never been completed: that is why the initial project has not been fully realised.

If, however, the aquarium were to be built, it could help to make the station a scientific, cultural, and touristic powerhouse. Under what EU programmes could support be provided for the aquarium, and what would be the co-financing rates? The project promoter, the Municipality of Funchal, and the Regional Government supported the rest of the project investment costs. The initial project included, among other components, an aquarium. Due to the complexity of the project and limited availability of EU financial resources, the project promoter decided to give priority to the main component of the Marine Biology Station, which became operational in This phased approach implied that even if the aquarium part of the project would have been prepared, it could not have been implemented anymore.

Because of the incurred delays, the foreseen financial resources were no longer available since the programme had ended. Therefore, the intended implementation of the aquarium part of the project could not be carried out. Even if the project could be considered as eligible in the framework of the period the managing authority of the European Regional Development Fund programme has not received any application relating to the aquarium.

The universities of Madeira and the Azores, in Portugal, and a Canarian university, in Spain, have been endeavouring to create an inter-island partnership encompassing the three archipelagos with a view to establishing a postgraduate Biodiversity and Conservation Studies programme. The unrivalled knowledge which the three institutions have of the Macaronesia region and the experience of their teaching staff in the above fields would make it possible to offer unique training, of high quality and great relevance, that could attract professionals not just from Portugal and Spain, but also from other countries — in Europe and beyond.

Les Missions-Étrangères et la pénétration française au Viêt-Nam - Persée

Furthermore, such a partnership would undoubtedly help to boost the development of the regions concerned, as it is now vital to do, given that they are being hard hit by the economic and social crisis and the measures being implemented under the IMF-EU programmes. As far as Portuguese universities are concerned, these measures have led to swingeing cuts in funding, which have practically brought research to a standstill, and adversely affected teaching standards.

Under what existing or future EU instruments could support be provided to enable the partnership to function? Which instruments could be used to finance study grants to enable students to attend the abovementioned postgraduate course even when they cannot afford to pay the tuition fees?

Support might be provided through Erasmus Multilateral Projects under the Lifelong Learning Programme for partnerships to improve the quality and relevance of higher education through mobility cooperation between higher education institutions and, where appropriate, with the labour market. This includes the design of integrated programmes, which might be an appropriate entry point for the programme proposed by the inter-island university partnership.

In addition, the Commission's proposal for the Erasmus for All programme envisages funding for joint programmes between consortia of European universities at master level, based on the model developed under the current Erasmus Mundus programme. The Marie Curie Actions under the People programme also provide support for doctoral candidates in interdisciplinary, international and inter-sectoral training programmes.

To be eligible for these programmes, partnerships must involve at least three partners from three different countries that are eligible for these programmes. Full study scholarships at master and doctoral level are currently available in Erasmus Mundus joint programmes, but there will be no further calls for proposals for these joint programmes in The Erasmus for All proposal also envisages a.

Regional authorities and the scientific community have noted the possible existence of a connection between black scabbardfish catches in waters around Scotland and Ireland fished by, for example, French vessels, and catches of the same species further south, off the Madeira archipelago, where the local small-scale fishing fleet operates. Could the Commission provide whatever information is available on black scabbardfish stocks originating in Atlantic waters?

In particular:. How do catches around Scotland and Ireland affect catches further south, near the Madeira archipelago? Does the Commission have any information concerning the average size and age of catches in each of these fishing zones? How are these data taken into consideration when allocating quotas for this species? The scientific advice for black scabbardfish is mostly provided by the International Council of the exploration of the sea ICES and is publicly available in their website.

However, studies made so far suggest that there is a linkage between the Northern North of 48 o N and the Southern components of the stock Bay of Biscay and Iberian Peninsula. Only part of the life cycle of the species occurs in the south. Madeira and Canary Islands are the only known spawning areas of this species in the Northeast Atlantic.

ICES formulates advice separately for these components. As for the setting of fishing opportunities in each of the areas, the Commission makes its proposals based on the specific recommendations arising from scientific advice. In the case of the waters around Madeira, the Commission follows the same approach as for the other stocks for which scientific data are missing.

This approach is described in the communication from the Commission to the Council COM final, concerning a consultation on Fishing Opportunities for The lack of appropriate insurance is an obstacle to investment in the sector and leaves national producers at a disadvantage compared with their counterparts in other European countries. Although a national law addressing the issue has already been approved, it has had little effect owing to the lack of specific rules.

According to information provided by the fish-farming sector, the Commission has asked the Portuguese Government for a series of clarifications concerning the measure, which has delayed the whole process of introducing this form of insurance. In which EU countries is it already possible to obtain specific insurance for aquaculture activities? Is the Commission aware of the delay in implementing this legislation in countries such as Portugal?

Can this delay be attributed to the Commission's requirements? If so, what are these requirements and when does the Commission intend to unblock the process? The Commission takes note of the important questions raised by the Honourable Member.

Given the complexity of the subject, the Commission needs to gather more information about the issue in order to give a complete reply. The Honourable Member will be kept informed about the Commission's findings. The Commission is not aware of the exact situation in all Member States as regards the existence of specific insurance scheme for aquaculture activities. There are differences between the types of insurance available in different European markets. Adequate insurance can play a significant role in supporting the development of the aquaculture industry, especially for small and medium size companies for whom it is difficult to access to finance and insurance.

In order to safeguard the income of aquaculture producers the EMFF may support the contribution to an aquaculture stock insurance which shall cover the losses due to natural disasters; adverse climatic events; sudden water quality changes; diseases in aquaculture or destruction of production facilities.

The delays in question are therefore not the result of any requirements from the Commission. Numa visita recente ao distrito da Guarda, tivemos oportunidade de contactar com produtores de azeite e outros agricultores do Vale do Mondego. Os produtores locais tentam a todo o custo resistir, organizando-se e procurando formas de colocar os seus produtos no mercado. Uma dessas formas passa pela aposta nos mercados de proximidade.

On a recent visit to the district of Guarda, we had the opportunity to speak with oil producers and other farmers in the Mondego valley. In this region, where small-scale and family-based agriculture predominates, farmers face severe difficulties due to the liberalisation and deregulation of agricultural markets, which allows free entry into the national market by oil and other products produced in an intensive or highly intensive manner, often at prices well below the production costs faced by local producers.

This situation has exacerbated the tendency towards rural decline in an area where the rural fabric is already elderly, with few young people entering rural employment. Local producers are doing their best to survive by becoming more organised and looking for new ways of marketing their products.

One of these is to place their products on local markets. Another is to opt for organic production.

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However, in the first case, the dominance of large supermarket chains makes it difficult for local markets to function unless they receive adequate support, while in the second case the procedure leading to certification is excessively bureaucratic and unaffordably expensive for small local producers. How can the adoption of organic farming methods and the procedures leading to organic certification be simplified and made less expensive, to make life easier for small-scale farmers?

What forms of Community aid could be used to support the functioning of local markets where small-scale farmers from the Mondego valley could sell their products? Its provisions are considered necessary in order to guarantee the integrity of the organic products to the final consumer. However, possibilities for simplification in the medium term are being examined in the process of reconsidering the legal framework for organic farming, which has just started.

User:Wikitradu/Around the World in Eighty Days

Currently several measures are already foreseen in rural development that can promote structural support for the region products, including the modernisation of agricultural holdings, increasing the added value of agricultural and forestry products, as well as training and information activities. Future rural development priorities already take into account this reality.

Priority 2 Enhancing competitiveness of all types of agriculture and enhancing farm viability aims at facilitating the restructuring of farms facing major structural problems, notably farms with a low degree of market participation, market-oriented farms in particular sectors and farms in need of agricultural diversification; Priority 3 Promoting food chain organisation and risk management in agriculture aims at better integrating primary producers into the food chain through quality schemes, promotion in local markets and short supply circuits, producer groups and inter-branch organisations.

Finally, under the current proposal Member States will also be allowed to include within their rural development programmes thematic sub-programmes aimed to address specific needs identified, among others in relation to small farms and short supply chains. Development of this project is still on hold due to lack of funding. Normally, this type of project assists and complements in-situ species conservation activities. As the Honourable Member is aware, due to the shared management principle of administering the ERDF, national authorities are responsible for the implementation of the operational programmes, including establishing project selection criteria.

A UE continua a considerar que o envolvimento com Israel constitui a melhor forma de ajudar a atenuar o sofrimento do povo palestiniano, incluindo em Gaza. Israel, meanwhile, is pursuing a policy of slow extermination against the population of the Gaza Strip. In the past few days, another 10 Palestinians have died and five more have been injured in attacks by the army and confrontations with settlers in the region.

What is the High Representative's position on the calls made by all the above organisations to end the criminal Israeli blockade of Gaza? More specifically, is she considering the possibility of making the continued application of the current agreements between EU and Israel conditional on Israel's complying with international law and respecting the most basic human rights? The EU has repeatedly called for the immediate, sustained and unconditional opening of crossings for the flow of humanitarian aid, commercial goods and persons to and from the Gaza Strip, the situation of which is unsustainable as long as it remains politically separated from the West Bank.

The EU continues to believe that engagement with Israel is the best way to make progress on alleviating the humanitarian plight of the Palestinian people, including in Gaza. The latest violent incidents to have occurred were in Kufra, in the South, and claimed somewhere in the region of thirty victims. There were clashes in Tripoli when the Tarhuna-based Al-Awfya brigade occupied the international airport in an attempt to find their leader, who had been arrested and taken to an unknown location a day earlier.

The militiamen, who put up no resistance, were eventually driven out of the airport and other positions in Tripoli by the Zintan brigade and NTC security forces. This was the second time in six weeks that the Zintan militiamen had been called upon to recapture Tripoli Airport from groups fighting for control of the country. In addition to the uncertainty about the election, the courts are continuing to behave arbitrarily. What lessons does she think can be learned from the aggression and outside interference in Libya, an operation mounted by NATO and its allies including the EU , and from the resulting chaos?

Ill treatment of detainees, the need for protection of vulnerable groups, how to accelerate disarmament, the demobilisation and reintegration process, establishing a functioning administration and the consolidation of rule of law are some of the more pressing ones. Civil society was non-existing during four decades and is now mushrooming. Energy production is resuming and foreign investors are gradually coming back to the country. Transitions are difficult processes by definition, however, for more than a year now the Libyan people have shown to the World their tireless determination to move forward on the road to democracy.

The EU will continue to provide strong support for Libya across a wide range of sectors in the interests of securing a peaceful, democratic and prosperous future for its people. The air strike on Logar province in Afghanistan, in which 18 civilians were killed, was apparently ordered unilaterally by the occupying forces during a joint operation with Afghan forces to capture an alleged Taliban commander.

The commander of the Coalition Forces in Afghanistan, John Allen, has apologised for the civilian deaths, but his statement came to the fore only after an attempt had been made to cover up the massacre. Initially, NATO forces claimed that there had been many insurgent casualties and only two civilians had been injured in the strike. Innocent casualties, as in this case, remain a serious concern.

The EU strongly supports efforts which are being made to negotiate a peaceful end to the conflict in Afghanistan. The effects of climate change and pollution on the aquatic and marine environment are bringing about significant changes for those whose livelihood depends on the fisheries sector, where the situation is starting to become increasingly unpredictable. The launching of projects, for example by means of cross-border cooperation, between relatively small communities, facilitating a move towards other activities in this sector, for example aquaculture, would be of benefit, particularly where such activities could help provide stable employment for a substantial workforce in rural or coastal areas.

To what extent can the Commission promote exchanges of information and good practice between local and regional authorities or at national level between Member States, regarding safety standards in respect of such activities and adequate protection for consumers of staple products, as well as access to the necessary funding for young people seeking to launch business activities in this sector?

The Commission shares the views of the Honourable Member on the added value of exchange of best practices between local and regional authorities or at national level between Member States. The Commission proposes in the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund to continue to support the sustainable development of fisheries dependent communities. Support will be available for local development strategies implemented by a partnership of local actors composed of representatives from the public and private sectors and civil society Fisheries Local Action Groups FLAGs.

Job creation in fishing communities will be supported through the diversification of local economies diversification within and outside the fisheries sector, in particular towards other maritime sectors and through adding value to local fisheries products. Support is also available for FLAGs which want to carry out inter-regional or transnational cooperation projects. You always have to be on your guards on everything he says or done.

Don't take any risk with him. His school books in primary schools, high school, colleges and universities are all set to meet his needs, to put him on top and keep him above the others. Today's world is indebted to us for the benefits of civilization because they have stolen our arts and the sciences of Africa. So why should we be ashamed of ourselves? Their improvements are only duplications of a civilization to which we had thought, there are thousands of years and what has been buried and hidden, can still be risen and reintroduced by our generation and prosperity.

So why should we be discouraged by someone who is laughing at us today? It's a matter of life or death. The Black brother has the brain so washed that he could reject the truth when he hears it the first time. You have to talk a little about it every time and wait, the time it's digested, before you go to the after stage. This is my country. And these are my compatriots that your planes murder there.

The Kongo, this region of Africa that we will talk about tonight our host, who is on the way, is a good example of what the press can do through the images it creates. At this very moment, helpless kongolais villages are bombed, women, children and black babies are shredded by aircraft launched bombs.

Where do these planes come from? From The United States, yes and that you won't go to write it. You will not write that the bombs launched by American planes pluck the flesh of the members of women, babies and black men. No, you won't write it. I'm staying in my country. Next, we looted its raw materials; after, we said: They [Africans] are good at nothing. In the name of religion, we have destroyed their culture and now, as we have to do things with more elegance, we steal their brains thanks to the scholarships.

Then, it is observed that the unhappy Africa is not in a brilliant state, that it does not generate elites. The Negation of the history and intellectual achievements of Black African peoples is the cultural, mental murder, which has already preceded and prepared the genocide here and there in the world. Look at your dishes when you eat. These grains of rice, corn and mil imported, that's imperialism. Don't go any further! And through his culture that he spreads, through his false information, he leads us to think like him, he brings us to submit to him, to follow him in all his maneuvers.

Some don't even control their natural resources. Go to gabon, all the wealth of the basement is owned by France. This is the agreement that has been passed, and it is the same thing in most French-speaking countries. They discover oil, it's for France. They discover diamonds, it's for France [ He let the French raid the oil of the country. Total in Congo is France, orange is France. Everything in Congo belongs to France, even women. But for those who would be tempted to forget the story, I say to them, " open your history books and you will discover or rediscover for some more amnesia than others, the atrocities that the whites have committed on black people and who never had His same in history ".

Only the struggle can release us. You have to wake up and then don't believe that God loves us more than the others who have disappeared. Where does it come from that Africans want to be African without having their religion to them?

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  7. A hen has never spawned a goat. A rat has never spawned a chameleon. A White has never spawned a black man. This is why Isaac and Rebecca did not also create the black man. Black people are not the descendants of Isaac and Rebecca. Because Esau was a white man. Jacob also was a white. The White, yellow, red race knows all their original ancestors. So Black man, who is your ancestor? He taught him to hate all of the black, including himself.

    He taught him that everything that was white was good, had to be admired, respected and loved. He made a brain wash to this nigga to make him think he was superior if his complexion was close to that of the master slave. Because they don't need any stranger to show them the road to follow in the spiritual world as in the physical world. No shortcut is possible; we will even see the conditions of our existence, or we will continue to be incarcerated.

    It seems obvious to me. In other words, if you can't stay on the surface of things, we will be forced to return to this fact that we are mixed certainly but Africans from the diaspora. We do not see why, in this case, the West Indies, instead of looking to America or Europe, would not form a federation on the type of Indonesia to maintain cultural, economic and fraternal relations with Black Africa became a Multinational State.

    How is it that I speak English, that my neighbor speaks French and his neighbor speaks Portuguese? The Division! How is it that I am Muslim that you are a Christian? It's high time our thoughts converge. An ignorant people of his story is like a tree without roots. For more than three hundred years the white man has been our oppressor, and he will never give us the true freedom Too many are those who among us find excuses to flee the black race because we are led to believe that our race has no value, that it has never accomplished anything We are the ones who have no value, because we do not contribute to the elevation and construction of this noble race.

    A race without any authority and without any power is a race that does not respect itself. The only protection against the injustice of man is power, physical, financial, scientific. Education is the only means by which a people are preparing for the creation of its own civilization and also for the advancement and glory of its own race. If you don't have any faith in yourself you are doubly defeated in the race of life. With Faith you won before you even started. It is possible that we do not all live the reality of an African Empire so strong, so powerful that it would impose respect for humanity, but we can however during our life work and work to make this project a reality for another generation.

    What you do brave today inspires the actions of others in the future. Rise up powerful race, you can accomplish what you want ". If they you you, return the compliment with the same strength. They don't have the right to dishonor you, to miss you respect and despise your soul and humanity that you don't have to do when you interact with them. Honor them when they honor you, miss their respect and respect when they treat you cruelly. They have arrogance in the skin while this has no foundation in morality or law. They come down from the same backward family tree as we are.

    Their story is as rough in its the as ours. Their ancestors ran wild and wild, lived in caves and on branches of tree, in the way of monkeys, like ours. They made human sacrifices, ate the flesh of their dead and the raw meat of wild animals for centuries even if they accuse us of having done it. Their cannibalism lasted longer than ours When our civilization reached the zenith of progress, they continued to run naked and sleep in caves with rats, bats and other insects and animals.

    As we had already pierced the mysteries of the stars and reduced the celestial constellations in minutes and regular calculations, they were always men arrears in the woods, living in ignorance and the glaring darkness. The world owes us civilization. They stole our arts and science from Africa, so why should we be ashamed of us? It is necessary to read in order to get information about human nature, the idea being that the personal experience is not enough for a human being to get all the knowledge useful to life because the individual life is too short, it is necessary So feed on the experience of others.

    The literature we read, should include the biography and the self-biography of men and women who have accomplished special things. Every time you can buy these books and you own them, while you read, take a pencil or a pen and note the striking phrases or paragraphs you would like to remember, so that when you have to refer to the Book, you won't have to read the whole book to refresh your mind " " by reading, it is not necessary or mandatory to agree with everything you read. You must always use or apply your own reasoning on what you have read and based on what you already know, rather than apply the facts you read.

    Always wear a judgment on what you read on the basis of facts, when I say: " Facts ", I mean, things that can't be challenged " " White people know more than black knows about himself. As he knows that black likes to spend, they have planned to recover every penny of the salary they paid to black people who didn't have enough common sense to see it. Who made these shirts or factory silk socks you buy? And the one who sold them to you was white, I'm sorry, it brings me to tears " " we have to give up the quoz idea that we can cross our arms and wait for God to do everything for us.

    If God had this intention, he wouldn't have given us a brain. He would not have placed us here in the heart of creation to surround us with all the beautiful things of nature. No matter what you want in life, you have to put your mind at disposal to do it for yourself and accomplish it for yourself.

    Discours d'Emmanuel Macron pour une Europe souveraine, unie, démocratique.

    Let it be you raise a house, extend an empire. If you want to do it, you have to do it for you and then God will make this effort, because God will realize that you are using your intelligence for the best. This is the God we believe in, and we will share it through the glasses of Ethiopia from Africa ". Conquered by the Persians in, it no longer stopped dominated by foreigners: after the Persians, it was the macedonians with Alexandre, the Romans with Jules Caesar , the Arabs in the th century, The Turks in the th century, the French, with Napoleon, then the English at the end of the th century.

    Cradle of civilization for years at the moment when the rest of the world is immersed in barbarism, Egypt destroyed by all these successive occupations will no longer play any role on the political plan, but will not continue less for a long time still Introducing Young Mediterranean peoples will come on a pilgrimage to drink at the sources of scientific, religious, moral, social, etc.

    This is how on the whole edge of the Mediterranean have been successively new civilizations that, benefiting from multiple inputs favoured by the geographical configuration of the Mediterranean - Real Carrefour, the best located in the world - have evolved especially towards materialistic development and Technique, evolution at the origin of which it is necessary to locate the materialistic genius of Indo-Europeans: Greeks, Romans. The pagan breath that animated the Greco-Roman civilization is moving towards the th century; two new factors, Christianity and barbaric invasions, will interfere on the already old field of Western Europe to give birth to a new civilization, this one Even who, today, in his turn manifest symptoms of exhaustion.

    This last civilization that inherited all the technical progress of humanity, thanks to uninterrupted contacts between peoples, was already sufficiently technically equipped in the th century to launch to the discovery and conquest of the world ". Sheikh Anta Diop Nations Negroes and culture: from ancient Egyptian nigga to the cultural problems of today's Black Africa, African presence editions, , pages While he was only ensuring the acting of the crown after his big brother mansa boubakary is gone for an adventure beyond the Atlantic Ocean.

    The idiot is "Lord of the injur" for a pilgrimage to Mecca, he will bousilla all the golden reserves of the empire that he shared without reserve to the Arabs, Libya; in Egypt, until Saudi Arabia in Mecca. In the end, the crates of the empire will be empty. On behalf of the religious brotherhood black people are near the stupidest sacrifices to fill their role as Muslims in front of the Arabs but never in front of other black people, whether they are Muslims or not.

    A Brotherhood that has always been a unilateral one. As long as the relationship between black and Arabs goes back, they have never act in free kindness towards black people. While the black crying for a palestine negrophobes towards the black people who live there. While the black people go to die in wars that don't concern them in anything, Syria and Yemen. The Arabs encourage the succession of north mali for the benefit of the Arab-Berber. Now that mali and other black countries are poor economically and Arabs rich economically, unlike mansa moussa them they don't give anything for nothing.

    In Black Africa they build Islamic banks to save the savings. They build mosques to better alienate the populations so that they are subject to them, they send islamic ngo finance by the monarchy petrodollard finally to be well seen by the local populations abandoned by states, they are everywhere in Black Africa they invest in the Trade is made full of money, but go ask black people who live in Arab countries that it is their daily insults, abuse torture, slavery, murder.

    Mansa Mousa His balance sheet is negative, he has not done anything good for his population, he fought the guardians of African knowledge to give access to his arab friends. The territory that was yesterday the powerful empire of Mali Holder of gigantic knowledge became today one of the most backward regions in the world, with a lousy army that can not defend its territory against the advance of the Arabs..

    It was a noirabe finished as many today he had full of Arab wife, he even ended up inventing himself an affiliation with the prophet mohamet. He does not deserve to be quoted in example by Africans. When you pass from decimal to binary you question your reading of the numbers from the beginning to the end. You're in a new paradigm. The African has to get out of the matrix and enter its own paradigm. When you get out of their paradigm and you will marry your own paradigm, you will be able to decide - from the African new year, it will no longer be on January 1st but one day that will suit you and your own holidays and holidays What do they ask for?

    We will have less aggregated of African philosophy that swear only by Socrates and Plato, which limit their intelligence to that of the last, etc Get out of the decimal and try the binary you will see that it puts everything into question. And you will be free. The Chinese they have been out for a long time they are even already at the hexadecimal. All that's missing is you. And time is starting to play against us. Because in the face they arrive in force.

    They are starting again to fight Africa with an incredible violence. At the point where terrorist groups appear everywhere. It's part of the war they're leading. Westerners vs. Africans surprise them and raise you and show them that you can also answer. We're late but we have this advance that they think we're sub-Men, from the inhabitants of the forest, to us so to surprise them.

    And all of this starts with a certain unit! A awareness of survival issues above any form of internal quarrels. Their biggest worries is to work hard, to earn euros, dollars, insert properly in the west. For some, it goes by marrying a European E , an American, short of a leukoderma most often to have said papers. When you talk to them about Africa with enthusiasm, they look at you with mercy. For them, Africa is really hell, a hell that you don't even have to talk about. On their facebook page, you will rarely see a picture of Africa, but still those of the supposed western paradise.

    Even their status rarely refers to their continent of origin. Their primordial goal is to integrate the western paradigm at all costs: Hair Straightening, skin stripping, voice change etc They live far from Africa, but do not breathe, think and write only in Africa mode. They are involved as much as they can in the movements movements, participate in the demonstrations, steps of support, send part of their salary in Africa for the financing of the projects. These are even more aware of the living Africans in Africa. They often receive mockery from those of the first category telling them once in a while: ' if you love africa so much, what do you do here, why don't you come home?

    This category is a minority, but very active on social networks. This is the category of the diaspora to encourage. No one was the corrupt, very messy and politicized powers of Africa, this category, well used and listened, could be a very good lever for the emergence of African countries. But alas, in most cases they are even seen as enemies against the powers in place in the different enclosures.

    So if you are from the African Diaspora, which category do you belong to. Your answer will allow you to know if africa can count on you or not. Not happy to surf on the " waves waves " of the historiography africanist moribund in desecrating at the " College of France " the memory of the African Anti-slavery resistant, the aedile takes back to his account the old sheathe of the " Mirage Integrationist " by accusing the young people Black of the suburbs of being to a large measure responsible for their own marginalization. It does not hesitate to give them a challenge the following formula: "impose yourself, move the mountains".

    Those who today recommend the westernization are fans of the surrender and the disappearance of Africa A world where all the international institutions are in western truth, just look at who leads them? They are war weapons! They make decisions for the interests of the west, and call it " International community ". Is it racist to denounce the western grip on Africa? Is it racist to denounce the organized flight that is carried out by their multinationals?

    Mass Looting, state blows and rebellions and from the outside, with weapons that the African does not know how to make, the terrorist groups that appear overnight because we decided that in the future we may be Going to see somewhere else for contracts on our own raw materials? Because the current post-colonial percentages don't like us.

    Is it racist to denounce the cfa franc? These fake printed tickets in France and whose Europe is enjoying it? A currency that compels us to deposit half of our currencies in France so that they use it as their own recipes and come to lend us this same money with interest?

    Is he racist to see so much evil? What's anti-White racism? If this is the anti-White racism, then in 41 the French were so anti-German racists. You have to get out of all this, and not be afraid that they will treat you with all names because you aspire to your own paradigms. Don't let them demonize the movements they even enchanted when it was about them. Of Gaul is still a hero until today, and sankara, lumumba of " racists " " racist " they will always demonize every movement going against their interests of domination, and they will always demonize their filth under credible names like " democracy, rights of Man, international aid ".

    And anyway an honest white will not feel offended by these critics against the foreign policy of his country. Honest Europeans have supported Chavez, Morales, Christine, correira and all Latin America in its approach to independence live in the United States, even if the Americans have counter-attacked and are reversing the socialist movement of Chavez in all Latin America. Honest Westerners have supported sankara, lumumba and all movements for the liberation of Africa.

    And continue to support any movement that goes in the sense of the autonomy of peoples. It's the evil things that feel offended. And they managed to convince the house-Negro that it was racist to aspire to such things. It is not about the fate that Europeans have always reserved for them but rather of this naivety that lives in us.

    If what happens in the usa amazes us is that we still haven't understood anything. The most dangerous attitude of our enemies is not their wickedness because this one keeps us in awakening. The most dangerous of their attitudes is rather their sympathy because it falls asleep to us and this since the time of our ancestors. You have to know how to live with them and stay awake when they are evil; to be even more when they show kindness.

    Let us also learn to be against them in discretion because contrary to us their minds is in permanent awakening live from us. They observe us, they look at each of our words, analyze the least of our actions. Their society has taught them to consider us at all times as enemies that they must constantly watch. When we are talented, they have to control this talent while pushing the mass to be and remain in mediocrity. When we show ourselves openly dissenting, they plan our death.

    Always walk armed regardless of the climate of peace or war. Armed mentally, spiritually and physically. Our fate will evolve only by the effort we will have provided. It is in sacrifice, the gift of self, the blood and the sweat that we will get out of it. By the way the buyer and seller was the same person: it was the francafrique. Today with the arrival of the emerging, it is therefore an obvious that the African is seduced by this new type of offer that certainly continues to raid Africa but in less worse, less aggressive, less donor of lesson, a little "more fair" And without outpouring of blood..

    It begins by demonize the new partners of Africans, "China will bless you" etc.. State blows, armed rebellions formed funded.. But since that date, this technique is exhausted, the new technique they have found is terrorism followed by the military occupation that will force the countries "saved from terrorism" to concede all their contracts on raw materials to the west rather than at More offering, whether it's Chinese Turkish, Indian, Iranian, Brazilian, Malaysian, Korean, etc..

    Terrorism precedes the military occupation that precedes the primacy of contracts and the continuity of looting. Followed by troops like in mali with the leader who can no longer say a word for fear of the return of terrorism, his country becomes a kind of western protectorate These are today small candidates with yet programs and Good intentions but with very little audience to be able to reach the mass. Ping vs Bongo, katumbi vs Kabila, zinsou vs heel, etc It's the same. It's no longer useless to vote, we need a revolution. This continent is being assaulted, and aggression has become even more violent since they feel the Chinese presence and feel their interests more than ever threatened.

    The World War is taking place in Africa, there are no other words. The winner will control the vital raw materials. Terrorist groups coming everywhere in Africa. We went from not even 3 in to at least 15 in , and that descend more and more from the north to the south to the point of hearing about beni in the Congolese Equatorial Forest, It is no longer a chance, it is well piloted from the outside to create the disorder in Africa and then come to occupy it militarily and recolonize Africa.

    Every African must become aware of what is happening and choose now to organize to resume the total control of its vital space or to disappear. True decolonization is now. It's time for tribal chiefs, those who have nothing to do with the head of state Venus from Saint Cyr Paris, or Chicago, Boston Massachusetts with the brain completely drowned by soft power.

    Leave to see each other in secret at night and use all the science that Africa possesses and unknown of the colon. It's time to attack and get released really. Otherwise we're going to disappear. It is time to create occult and sincere occult circles in their approach ready to build a revolution plan, to distinguish well with revolt. The Revolution is the long term. It's time to build it slowly and silently, to multiply think thank, and act.

    It's our survival that's in games. And above all do it discreetly. It's a call to the conscience that is done there. Unless you prefer to disappear.. The following four hard points: 1-the first " Evangelical Evangelical churches " appeared in the th century circa in Africa to fight the " Traditional African brotherhoods " committed to the fight against European colonization. Based on a biblical vision of biblical inspiration, they announced a disaster imminent even the " end of the world " prophesy according to them by the " Holy Scriptures " cf the recit fantasy of " Final Armageddon ", it's to say the confrontation Ultimate of good and evil, of God and Satan.

    If Africa is so afflicts by wars, famine, diseases, poverty etc it is according to the preachers of these pharmacies because it has not balance its "blood debt" with the Lord. I have chosen a design to illustrate my words by this example, due to the ravages of this maccies intimately linked to American Evangelical churches.

    The " Multinational of the evangelical faith " that has become " Christian coalition " would shoot countries of " English-speaking " Africa Rwanda, South Africa, Swaziland, Namibia, Kenya, Uganda substantial and mindboggling income by promoting the massive implantation of " Churches of the awakening " in these countries sus-mentioned.

    The method of menticide is to control the behavior of the victim, through mental manipulation. The menticide systematically uses institutions, which are projecting images, values, beliefs and opinions If the psychological structure is fragile, we attend a collapse of the me. Black ceases to behave as a oriented individual. The purpose of his action will be others in the form of white , because others alone can value it. This is ethical: Self-improvement At this time, at the point of identity, he is able to identify himself with everything that happens including on the plan of poisoning.

    It is the loss of its culture, the loss of its identity in order to copy something else and to settle in this "other thing" permanently. This is the alienation But it is in this way that we deleted whole groups. We deny you as a moral being, we deny you as a cultural being. We close our eyes, we don't see the evidence. We count on your complex, on your alienation, on conditioning, reflexes of subordination and on so many factors of this kind.

    And if we do not know how to emancipate ourselves from such a situation by our own means but there is no salvation. More violent than the one who has led to the disappearance of some species. Cultural alienation ends up being an integral part of our substance, our soul and when we think we're rid of it we haven't done it completely yet. Often the colonized looks a little, to this slave of the xix th century that freed, goes to the step of the door and then comes back home, because he doesn't know where to go anymore.

    He doesn't know where to go Wright is the wash Scientifically orchestrated brain in order to lose to one Group given its own benchmarks, and annihilate it, because it's good, According to the author, the ultimate goal of white people: exterminate the black of by The world. Professor Wright's analysis therefore provides us with Useful Concepts, which we must serve in order to explain to We are the situation in which we find ourselves.

    This is Even more urgent because, to believe Bobby Wright, he would be futile Waiting for any modification of the behavior White Psychopath. Extract from the book the racial personality of the psychopath and other tests of Bobby E. His work, like the one of Frances Cress Welsing, was aiming to release the black people from his psychological enslavement. This book is a deep analysis made by psychologist bobby e. Wright on the white man's psyche and his reports with the black man. In fact, b. This is reflected by aggressive behavior, criminal, mixed with a sense of superiority that is to say that it has all rights including that to educate us, to control us mentally, physically, on the economic plan and in the education of our Children.

    Thus the author gives us the keys and the slopes of reflection for a better understanding of the phenomenon of racism and the influence of this scourge on the behavior of the kamite community. This to better understand the mentality of the European in order to better protect us. The ancient and recent history of humanity is full of documents, evidence and stories that attest to the cruelty and the predatory character of Western civilization in its interactions with indigenous peoples and precisely with Africans.

    Slavery and colonization are an appalling page of our common history that reminds us inexorably all the horror and barbarism organized by the west with kamita as " Playground. The "Menticide" is a term invented by the author to define the deliberate and systematic destruction of the spirit of a community and in the case, of the people kamit via a well-orchestrated propaganda for the final, programming a physical genocide.

    Here's in a few words what Bobby Wright teaches us in his test. Bobby Wright also teaches us that black people go wrong when they start to explain or try to understand black behavior using definitions or explanations based on a vision of the white world. I quote our ancestor Malcolm x. And this is unfortunately what has happened on several generations until this day.

    Molefi kete asante at an international conference held in Malaysia in on the theme "decolonising universities", decolonize universities, had highlighted the observation that in Africa there is no African University, it does not There are only replicas of western universities. The teaching that is given in these universities is a indoctrination that is used to glorify European history and thought and promote white supremacy, to the detriment of history and kamite values.

    Bobby Wright explains it to us in a passage of his test when he warned us that " Black people continue to ignore the irrefutable truth that reveals that in a racist social system, all institutions will reflect, protect and support the values Intrinsic to racism " P How can we hope to have a healthy education in an educational system that does not value our culture, our history and ultimately self-esteem? Such a situation undeniably leads to a loss of benchmarks and strange behaviors from our brothers and sisters.

    Indeed, we have to seriously worry about our mental health. Extract from Dr. They laughed at your clothes and you changed clothes. They mocked your hair and you bought some dice. They mocked your skin and you bought lightening. They mocked your languages and you adopted theirs. They laugh at your religions and you kissed theirs.

    Who taught you to hate the texture of your hair? Who taught you to hate the color of your skin? To such a point that you will make it to be like the white man. Who taught you to hate the shape of your nose and the shape of your lips? Who taught you to hate yourself from the top of your head to the plant of your feet? Who taught you to hate your nature? To hate the land of your ancestors, hate the breed to which you belong to such a point that you do not want to be next to each other.

    When are we going to be aware? He will still intellectualize the thing in a way to escape reality and will perspective until relativism loses its meaning! The Black man has still not understood his position and seeks to integrate advantage in an anti-Black system. He wants to succeed in this! I really hurt my heart when I see a black man or black woman being destroyed by his desire for integration, men and women are used as objects, they are educated to succeed in a system that cheapened them, despises them in so much That "Black E ".

    This is the most beautiful defeat for black in the eyes of a white conscious of his superiority. Because even the success of black is returning against him if he does not serve the interests of the system that works at the detriment of the black community! We turn you on like a candle you think you shine like the sun, and we turn you off like a candle, just blowing! It's not at the candle to decide how long it will remain lit, it's the one who turns it on and turns it off! But if you ask a black, he will tell you that his ancestors had not invented anything, that his people have no history, that his ancestors lived in the bush like monkeys and they did not know God Not knowing then that we cheated on him, because all other peoples have referred to Africa to become what they are, because black civilization is the very first civilization of this world that has been plagiarized by all other peoples Who today comes back to give lessons of Morales to the black man.

    But who are you at the just black man? Are you normal? Why do you hurdles and insult you at this point? He had been invited by his colleagues to come and present a new technique of control of Africans deported to the United States but who is each day, and put so To bad their " Business ". William Lynch of his skill and expertise he had developed, had become a " Consultant " in this field.

    I would like to thank you first for inviting me. If I'm here today, it's to help you solve the problems you have with your slaves. I have experienced in my modest plantation, new methods of slave control. Ancient Rome would let us know if my program was applied. Not only do you lose money during your slaves, you also have risings, revolts, your fields remaining so long without being cultivated, your properties are often victims of fires, your herd is killed.

    I'm not here to list all the problems you have with these slaves, but to help you solve them. I have a method that will allow you to definitively control your black slaves, and who has proven in my property. I guarantee you all that if you apply it properly, it will allow you to control your slaves for at least years. My method is simple, any member of your family as well as your white workers can use it: I bring out a number of differences among slaves; I just have to resume these differences, to enlarge them, to exaggerate them. Then I raise fear, mistrust, envy, mistrust in them, in order to control them; for example, take this list of differences: Age, color, intelligence, size, sex, the surface of plantations , the attitude of the owners, the place of housing of slaves Valleys, mountains, East, West, North, South , the type of hair of slaves fine or frizzy , the size of the slaves Large of size Or short.

    I will then give you a strategy of action to put all these elements together; but first of all, I would like to tell you that mistrust, lack of self-confidence, is more effective than respect or admiration. The Black Slave, after receiving this brain wash, will of himself and will develop these feelings that will influence his behavior for hundreds or thousands of years, without that we no longer need to intervene.

    Their submission to us and our civilization will not only be total but also deep and sustainable. Never forget that you have to oppose adults and older blacks to the youngest, black with dark skin to black with clearer skin, the black woman to the black man. Ladies, gentlemen, these solutions are the keys that will serve you to control your slaves.

    Use them, make it good use; make your women, your children, your white workers also use them; don't miss this opportunity. If you apply it intensely for a year, the black themselves will develop them, the will, and will never miss confidence in themselves this will allow you to sit an almost eternal domination on them ". Many do not know that in the west the whites are doing afro hair to go to the masked balls or to go to the Halloween party to scare people and that this is a clear message launched to all the black people that our hair is awful and Inspire fear.

    What you don't know is that this industry that makes a huge turnover doesn't take advantage of black people but to those even who will bless us. So understand my sisters that some like me denounce this injustice directed against our people through the port of extensions hair. Our goal is not to humiliate anyone, but to open the eyes to people so that we may all be aware.

    Black hair is the most beautiful in the world because they can be shaped in a thousand ways. From Afro to braids we can do everything with black frizzy hair what is impossible with the hair of other peoples. They are front These are the women.