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Adonai meaning

Others still propose relations to an Arabic verb that means to be obedient or cause obedience, hence govern and rule. But judging from its derivations, our verb had to do with supporting the superstructure of society:. The name Adonai literally means My Foundation and by implication My Lord , but can be used autonomously to refer to a person upon whom society stands: Milord or simply Sir or Mister.

It should be noted that the Hebrew authors saw themselves as the autonomous agents of the Creator's doings, much rather than his blindly obedient slaves or even lifeless pawns that he moves at will. The master was to provide for, protect, guide and maximize that which he owned. Since God is the absolute ruler and owner, our response to this name comes through the surrender of submission.

Adonai Pentecostal Singers Collection

Submission is a powerful tool when coupled with an All-powerful Adonai God. Unfortunately, too many Christians today have settled for Jehovah without experiencing the full power of Adonai.


This is because to experience all that God as ruler, master and owner over your life can do for you, you have to knowingly, willingly surrender before Him. Pronunciation of the Name by the Temple priests also gradually fell into disuse.

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Thus says Tosef. Subsequently also the solemn utterance of the Name by the high priest on the Day of Atonement, that ought to have been heard by the priests and the people, according to the Mishnah Yoma, vi. Yoma, iii.

Yoma, l. Zarah, 18 a , that the Essene saints made use of the Name in their invocations and miraculous cures, which was afterward declared to be a grievous sin Sanh. But while even among these the right pronunciation was forgotten in the course of time, and the hope was expressed by Phinehas b. Jair, "the Saint," that the knowledge and the correct use of the Name, so wondrously efficacious in the blessed days long gone by, would again be restored in the Messianic age see Pes.