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Strength Train To Be A Brute In Bed!

BTW, if your issue is less about getting revved up and more about reaching the finish line, listen to what our sexpert has to say. But why is strength training king? It's all about testosterone-a. That includes adrenaline, endorphins, and testosterone, which all get a boost from any type of workout. With strength training, it turns out that our testosterone levels go up more-a lot more-than they do when we're just jogging or on the elliptical, she says.

That's right-not only does strength training make you look amazing just take a peek at these strong, sexy ladies and try to disagree , but it makes you feel sexy as hell too. Talk about a win-win. Want to make the most of your post-workout sexual energy surge? For one, you should know that the best time to take advantage of those endorphins is right after you hit the gym.

One caveat: Don't overdo it. That goes for training too much in general total fatigue doesn't do anyone's sex drive any good and for workouts that are particularly grueling.

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If you do a crazy-tough workout the kind where you can barely get out of the car after driving home , your body is will go into a panic and recovery mode. It will mount an anti-inflammatory response to repair your muscle tissue-and all that post-workout energy and blood flow is going to that tissue instead of your sex organs. Here's how to help your muscles recover so you can hop back in the sack, stat.

Your fool-proof plan? Strength train three or four times a week to keep your libido riding high, says Haver, but, as always, listen to your body. Half of the men ran at moderate intensity 60 percent of VO2 max , while the other half ran at high intensity 80 percent of VO2 max. The result most pertinent to your sex life: After 12 weeks, testosterone levels decreased in both groups, but more so for the high-intensity athletes.

Low testosterone levels in men can decrease sex drive, and cause erectile dysfunction.

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The high-intensity athletes also experienced significantly decreased sperm counts. Testosterone and semen levels returned to normal during a week recovery period. Abstaining from sexual activities several days before competition may be ideal as this may promote increased testosterone and aggressive behavior. A classic example of this is Muhammad Ali, who would abstain from sexual activity for months before fights whereas legendary quarterback Joe Namath was a strong proponent of having lots of sex before a big game.

To Abstain or Not to Abstain, That is the Question

Again, it's highly individual with much being predicated on the type of sport involved as well as the mental and physical state that's required. Similarly, variance from athlete to athlete also has to be considered. Certain athletes thrive off of having specific amounts of tension and anxiety, regardless of the sport or competition.

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Ironically, endurance athletes such as marathon runners and triathletes are better off treating pre-competition sex in a similar fashion as athletes involved in aggressive sports. The reason for this is that long endurance activities have been shown to decrease testosterone as well as increase cortisol and estrogen.

Making The World's First Male Sex Doll - Slutever

Higher levels of testosterone would be one avenue of offsetting these negative affects. Having sex soon before these events could potentially decrease testosterone, thereby compounding the negative hormonal shifts and catabolic effects associated with the long distance events. This is a topic that's often discussed amongst many of the pro level athletes I work with, especially collegiate and NFL football players. The common consensus during our discussions is that abstaining at least 48 hours before competition is optimal. Anything sooner, while helping them relax, also seems to decrease aggression and testosterone.

These same athletes often point to the fact that while they were in their late teens and early twenties they could participate in higher frequency of sexual activities daily or even multiple times throughout the day. However, after their early to mid 20's, they're quick to point out how this frequency of sexual behavior can have a serious impairment on their performance and lead to mild sexual exhaustion and decreased testosterone. Athletes need to be careful during in-season. One of the factors that typically enhances testosterone is strength training.

During the season, athletes are less likely to participate in as strenuous or consistent of a strength training program, meaning testosterone levels may not bounce back as easily after sexual activities.

Training & Sex

Performing intense and heavy resistance training on a semi-consistent basis is a great way to ensure that testosterone levels quickly rise back to their normal levels after sex. I've seen this consistently with my own athletes. The more they strength train without overtraining of course , the less they have to worry about sexual activities affecting their strength, performance, or testosterone.

Strength training keeps the body's testosterone levels more stable, making them less likely to be affected from outside factors such as sex. There's research suggesting that abstinence from one to several weeks causes an increase in serum testosterone, which could definitely aid certain types of athletic performance and training.

Can Working Out Affect Your Performance In The Bedroom?

The jury is split on any durations longer than this as there's less research regarding extended several months or longer abstinence. Some athletes swear that after months of abstinence they feel strong increases in testosterone, performance, aggression, confidence, and recovery. However, there's a "use it or lose it" claim made by some experts as well, suggesting that prolonged periods of abstinence can cause a temporary shutdown of testosterone production as the body has more than it already needs for non-existent sexual purposes, therefore the need to produce more is unnecessary.

In essence, after a prolonged period of semen retention, the body may decrease production of testosterone to make up for what it already has. However, neither of these theories has been fully substantiated by science. Oftentimes it's not so much having sex the night before that may affect performance but it's everything else that typically goes along with it, including less sleep. In addition, athletes who frequently have one-night stands are more likely to visit clubs while simultaneously participating in drinking, smoking, and recreational drugs as these often go hand in hand.

This will obviously be more detrimental to their performance than the sexual activity. To paraphrase legendary New York Yankees coach, Casey Stengel, it's not so much the sex that destroys the athlete, the real culprit is staying up all night looking for it. In general, when comparing having sex the night before an event to not having sex, most research shows no difference in performance markers or testosterone levels. However, many coaches and athletes claim the opposite, suggesting pre-competition sex less than 24 hours before the event negatively impacts their performance.

Whether or not these claims are valid, it's important not to underestimate the psychological component of these theories. If an athlete thinks something will impact his performance in a certain manner, more than likely it will. Unfortunately, there's a lack of empirical research regarding the topic of pre-competition sex.

Strength Train To Be A Brute In Bed!

Therefore, it's important to consider all forms of experiential data, personal accounts, and anecdotal data, as well as scientific investigation. One of the issues with the topic of pre-competition and pre-training sex is the difficulty in performing practical research — most men won't volunteer if they know they have to abstain from sex.

Even if they do volunteer, there's a good chance that the data will be somewhat imprecise as these methods often employ the honor system of self-reporting. If they had sex and weren't supposed to, there's a strong likelihood that they'll lie. Although there's no conclusive research to support the claim that having sex a few hours before competition affects testosterone levels, there is evidence demonstrating heart rate, recovery, and perceived exertion are negatively altered.

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This could lead to increased cortisol levels that would place the athlete in a more catabolic state, thus impairing performance, immune function, and recovery. In addition, a higher relative heart rate while competing or training could potentially lead to increased fatigue and quicker time-to-exhaustion. Increased heart rate during a given competitive condition or level of exertion is also associated with elevated sympathetic neural drive. The sympathetic nervous system sets the body into fight or flight mode, which can oftentimes make it difficult to focus as the individual will tend to be overly anxious and stressed.

One thing that most researchers and athletes agree on is that having sex on the same day as the competition specifically several hours before is rarely a smart decision due to the potential dip in testosterone levels. If there's a drop in testosterone, the athlete is likely to experience a host of unwanted effects including less energy, impaired recovery, decreased aggression, and even reduced force and power producing capabilities. In regards to the week of or even the night before, you're likely to get a mixed bag of opinions.

Most modern research suggests there's no detrimental effect. On the other hand, professional athletes who participate in aggressive-type sports football, wrestling, hockey, boxing are more likely to advocate the opposite. Although sex before competition and training won't necessarily cause a significant decrease in testosterone, it certainly won't maximize it.