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During our first year of marriage we lived in a studio flat in southeast London. Like most newlyweds, we struggled to make ends meet. Besides my day job in the city, I managed to supplement my income in the evenings by selling cocaine in pubs in and around my local area. Trouble is, Julie and I seemed to snort all the Years have passed since those wonderful hours of my indiscretion, that cruel betrayal of our wedding vows, the shame burns inside even today.

And yet, such a sweet memory often invades my thoughts, and I become cloaked in a haunting sentimental desire to replicate that wonderful experience. Often, I become melancholy, filled with a powerful longing to recreate those adrenaline-charged hours The Polish girl stood in front of me and wriggled out of her black panties, sliding them down her smooth legs and over her ankles before kicking them aside. I did like what I saw. She had dark sexy eyes, fine black hair that tumbled down to her slim shoulders and big People were pushing and trying to get off as fast as possible.

A baby began to cry behind me and it had been doing so on and off over the nine-hour flight. My dad was right behind me. All eyes are on Nozomi and her round ass as she pumps gas in her car. Skin tight jeans that hug her curves perfectly and a blouse that puts an exclamation mark on her big melon breasts. Everyone from teenage boys to old men coming into the gas station has his eyes on her. She gets back in her car, she sees a text from Darren that concerns her.

Amanda Crawford stared through the ice-covered windshield at the snow blowing horizontally across the road. She was trying to make out the side of the road Jennifer strolled down the grey corridors of Churchill Retirement Home with her head in the clouds. Jennifer was an eighteen-year-old nursing student, a beautiful and desirable young girl. However, maintaining her beautiful hair and amazing figure wasn't all she had to worry about. Currently in her second year of college, Jennifer found herself in serious debt, with no time to get a job Anna skipped down the street from the high rise where she lived with her parents.

There were three of them and they all had twelve floors and sat on a hill. During the winter, cars with front-wheel drive would have a problem coming up the street if it wasn't properly sanded and salted. But now it was a gloriously warm day at the end of May. Just another week of school and then the Once again trying to escape their agreement, Violet finds herself on the end of a tame punishment. It brought a brand new flush to my cheeks to imagine the godlike figure lounging behind me had, only moments before, been having his way with my body, and I hurried to dignify myself in the heat of the thought.

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Once I had completed the seemingly endless task I knew he was as nervous as I was. We had been skipping study period for the past few weeks to sneak away to the band equipment room to make out. Usually, we just kissed but today we were both feeling a bit friskier. Maybe it had to do with me not wearing a bra. My nipples had been poking at the material on my shirt since we It was finally 4 P. I thought the open house would never end. Crying kids, complaining old people and snotty young couples seemed to always find my open houses.

As I walked back into the foyer from the ladies room, I noticed the door was opening. I was too damn late I thought to myself. He patted my arm and left me alone again. As I sat there, my face throbbed. My eyes, cheeks and nose hurt, not to mention my ass. My eyes seemed to be swollen pretty badly, especially my left one.

The curtain opened again and two Detroit policemen entered. They were both big and muscular, one blond and one dark haired. Under different circumstances, I would have found them both hot and checked them out, but I wasn't quite in the mood. I just wanted everyone to go away so that I could go home.

The blond cop introduced himself as Officer Taft and his dark-haired bearded partner was Officer Paolucci. Officer Taft asked the questions: who I was, what I was doing there, what happened. He asked me to describe the guy and his name. I was embarrassed at how little I could describe the guy and Officer Taft quickly grew impatient with me, which only served to fluster me further. Paolucci motioned with his head for Taft to follow him. They stepped out of the curtain and moved away. They were still within earshot, though I could barely hear what they were saying. I think he's hiding something.

Sounds to me like the kid went looking for a good time and things got outta hand. You wouldn't say that shit if it was a girl in there. Maybe he'll open up to another queer. Paolucci smiled at me. Mom or Dad? I understand. Now, why don't you tell me again what happened, okay? Why were you there? How I was lonely and the guys at the other bar I had gone to were all skinny and twinky and I heard that this place maybe had guys I liked. I told him I was scared and nervous, but I decided to finish my beer before I left.

I then told him everything that happened with the guy in detail. I previously left out the part about the guys that helped me, but this time I told him about them as well. The cops stepped out when the doctor returned. He told me my STI tests were all negative. He gave me a prescription for some mild pain pills and said I could go home and that my bruises should fade away in a couple of weeks, but I should try to get plenty of rest the next few days. Someone would be back to help me out. He patted my shin and left. I got up and pulled the gown off and laid it on the bed and started to get dressed.

I turned around and saw a blushing Officer Paolucci back out of the curtain. I blushed in embarrassment that he had seen my naked butt. I finished getting dressed in my jeans and my bloody t-shirt as the orderly came with the wheelchair. I sat down and he opened the curtain. The two cops walked with us as the orderly wheeled me out to the ER's front entrance. Officer Paolucci asked me where my car was.

He insisted that they were going to take me home. When he saw me shivering in just a t-shirt, he took off his coat and put it on me. I started to protest, but it was so big and comfy and warm. There was a radio on the left shoulder. It smelled faintly of cologne. It was way too big for me, but it was so warm and smelled so good that I zipped it up and folded my arms together. We walked over to my car as Taft went to get their police cruiser. Paolucci took my keys and tried to climb into my little car.

Paolucci was a big guy, tall and stocky. He pushed the seat back all the way and tilted the steering wheel forward and grunted as he tried to get situated. I knew he couldn't be very comfortable. My car was just not built for a guy his size. As we drove, I glanced over at Officer Paolucci. He was a very handsome guy with typical Italian features. Getting a closer look, I could see he was younger than I first thought, still in his twenties I guessed. He had black hair cut in a military high and tight style. He had a nicely trimmed beard that was cut short and close to his face.

His eyes were a deep blue. His lips were pouty and kissable. He had a black t-shirt on under his dark blue uniform shirt and his gold badge reflected the street lights as we drove. He had big, strong looking arms that stretched at the fabric of his shirt. His forearms were covered in dark hair. He cut his eyes over to me and caught me staring and I quickly turned away, my face flush with embarrassment. We finally pulled into my duplex and Paolucci hopped out and opened the door for me.

He told Taft he'd be right out and walked me to the door. He handed me my keys and I unlocked the door and he followed me inside. I turned on the lights and I reluctantly took off his coat and gave it to him. If I hear anything about your case, I'll let you know. Here's my card if you need anything. If you don't mind? I sighed. I felt like a pathetic loser having a crush on the big cop.

I went to the bathroom to take a shower and finally got a good look at myself. I had two black eyes and my left eye was very swollen. My right cheek was badly bruised. I had a scrape and cut on my forehead. My 5'8" skinny body was bruised on my stomach and my sides, where he was pushing me against the wood. My black hair had dried blood streaked in it.

My glasses were bent and scratched and I was going to need new ones, which I couldn't really afford right now. On the plus side, I could get a pair that was a little less nerdy. I wiped the tears away and took my clothes off and climbed into the shower. The warm water felt so good. After I was done washing, I just stood there with my eyes closed until the hot water ran out. I woke up screaming in a sweat. I dreamed that Officer Paolucci and I were out on the back deck of the bar making out, but then he morphed into my attacker and pinned me down on a table I got up and got a drink of water and took another shower.

The sheets were soaked, so I laid a towel down and slept on top of that. Thankfully, I didn't dream again. I told him I'd fax a copy of my ER paperwork.