Guide Everythings a Project: 70 Lessons from Successful Project-Driven Organizations

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It keeps the focus on core needs while also encouraging a healthy stretch into new and related areas. This positive framework feeds our core business while also encouraging new ideas and big dreams that can become huge wins for the company—those 10x moonshots we were talking about earlier. We believe great ideas can be found anywhere and we look for them everywhere.

For instance, we crowdsource innovation to improve the quality of Google Maps. The idea emerged when one of our engineering teams in India realized that a lack of online map data would limit the usefulness of Google Maps in India. So they thought, why not create a platform where users could provide the missing data?

Today, thousands of citizen cartographers around the world are literally putting their communities on the map.

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Data usually beats opinions. So at Google, data is a big part of every choice we make.

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We test and measure almost everything we do so that we have a continuous data stream to inform our decisions. Relying on data helps us understand the specific dynamics of our own human interactions and management practices and allows us to make smarter choices. Googlegeist is a perfect example of this approach. Googlegeist is an anonymous survey that goes out every year to all of our global employees.

The survey asks employees for their views on a broad range of issues—their own well-being, the company culture, their managers, compensation, work-life balance, diversity and career opportunities. The People Ops Analytics team slices this data in all sorts of ways—by department, by manager, by tenure, by region—and shares it with everyone. Managers at every level get the survey results for their area and are urged to consider this data carefully and act on it. We believe that if we focus on users, everything else will follow.

For us, that always starts with the desire to improve the lives of users.

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When we introduced Gmail back in , lots of people thought it was a mistake. There were plenty of well-established email products on the market. Did the world need another one? Was Google getting distracted from search?

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But we had a different idea of what cloud-based email should be. Some of you may not remember the days when you had to clear out room every few hundred emails. We believed we could provide a better experience for users, and so we gave it our very best shot. We take that success as a humbling sign that any product can be improved if you simply focus on how you can make life even better for users. Those are eight ideas that have helped us create a culture of innovation at Google. But one thing we do know for certain is that innovation and disruption are happening faster and faster as we move further into the new digital age.

For any company that wants to keep innovating, the first step is to get the culture right. Download article or save to Google Drive:. Creating a culture of innovation.

PPP | Everything's a Project, with author and CEO Ben Snyder

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Everything's a Project: 70 Lessons from Successful Project-Driven Organizations

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Creating a Culture of Innovation Eight ideas that work at Google. Share everything you can At Google we believe that collaboration is essential to innovation and that it happens best when you share information openly. Hire the right people Google has grown at a rapid rate: from 2, Googlers a decade ago to more than 55, now. Look for ideas everywhere We believe great ideas can be found anywhere and we look for them everywhere.

Eight ideas that work at Google

Looking for ways to develop your skills? You guessed it--your personal development is a project. Now, of course, not everything is a project. But most leaders would benefit if we thought of our work as projects and applied lessons that we've learned from the world of project management. In this episode I look forward to sharing with you a recent discussion I had with Ben about his new book. Don't miss the normal end of episode outtakes! Hey, I have a quick idea for you: Many organizations hold department or company meetings in the last half of the year or to kick off a new year.

It could just be that someone in your company is planning one of those right now! I invite you to recommend one of our keynotes or workshops for that meeting. We have a series of sessions designed to help you and your organization lead and deliver.

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